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APAPNYC 2019 Youth and Family Forum participant by Adam Kissick/APAP

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“Making Space” for Radical Rethinking to the Approach to Work/Life Integration in the Arts

Last week’s webinar was a working conversation that inspired a wealth of member comments including, "Participating in conversation IS self-care!" and "I want to work in a space and place that cares about people as much as it does the art". "Burnout is real," and "I'd like to foster a greater commitment to employee wellness."

Between the webinar and the session at APAP|NYC 2019, it’s clear that we’ve hit a nerve that has been the subject of a number of articles like this one and this one and that work/life integration in the arts continues to deserve our attention.

To that end, please share with us in this short survey what issues are most urgent for you, so we can explore them together. We promise it will take less than 5 minutes.