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Inside Arts is the official member magazine of APAP. The quarterly magazine explores issues critical to the field through in-depth features, interviews and member news. You can reach the Alicia Anstead, Editor, at

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Current Issue

Inside Arts Conf 2019
  • Networking
    The 2019 APAP|NYC networking committee reflects on making connections personally and professionally.

  • Here To Have A Conversation
    Radio Host and APAP|NYC Town Hall facilitator Callie Crossley talks about nuturing meaningful public forums.

  • Shift Happens
    Jackie Lopez will get you on your feet!

  • Our Power
    A series of professional development sessions at APAP|NYC 2019 will address the past, the present and the hope for the future.

  • Jane Chu: Perspectives Small, Medium and Large
    The former chair of the NEA talks about transitions, the state of the arts in the U.S. and optimism.

  • Postive Change
    APAP Leadership Fellows take a deep dive into challenges of change during a plenary session from the field.

  • What's Up
    The UP NEXT! Artist Pitch Session at APAP|NYC is a fast-paced mini "festival" of industry offerings.

  • The Gateway
    A cadre of student volunteers is a valuable, energetic resource at APAP|NYC.

  • Voice
    A program for collaborative creation in the arts, NEFA grantee awardees, analyzing cultural data and more.

  • Transitions
    News from the industry.

  • Follow Spot
    Performing Arts bring life to underused shopping centers.

  • Ado
    Toby's Top 10 Tips for APAP|NYC.