Creative Campus

In 2006, APAP initiated The Creative Campus Innovations Grant program with funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The program was designed to support innovative performance-based projects on U.S. campuses that demonstrate the importance of the arts to the educational, service and scholarly missions in higher education and that fully integrate the performing arts into campus and community life.

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What you'll find here:

  • A toolkit for those interested in using the Creative Campus model

  • Creative Campus project case studies and outcomes

  • What we have learned from innovative projects at 14 campuses across the U.S.

Creative Campus Toolkits

Animating the Creative Campus Interactive Toolkit

In partnership with consulting firm Trudel|MacPherson, APAP developed a toolkit to accompany the Creative Campus website. Designed to allow presenters, faculty and artists interested in the Creative Campus model, you can explore resources, best practices, videos and case studies from the 14 Creative Campus grantees. Also featured are a white paper "Animating the Creative Campus" and a customizable PowerPoint presentation "Make the Case for a Creative Campus".

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Creative Campus Website: Project Case Studies

Since 2007, APAP awarded 14 grants through Creative Campus. Visit the Creative Campus website to discover information on each grantee project including identified artists, rich media, sustainability factors, lessons learned and project contact information.

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Opportunities to Engage

Creative Campus Innovations Project Outcomes

Learn about how the projects incorporated a variety of campus-based programs and activities that integrated the work of presenters into the life of the academy and the community by working collectively with other college or university partners and community partners to maximize resources and capacities in the performing arts.

The Creative Campus: The Training, Sustaining and Presenting of the Performing Arts in American Higher Education The 104th American Assembly report. 

In 2004, the American Assembly at Columbia University convened to discuss the performing arts and their role within higher education. This report summarizes the 104th American Assembly and introduced the concept for the Creative Campus Innovations Program.

Inside Arts article on the Creative Campus project

Go in-depth with why the Creative Campus project came to be, its importance and impact.