COVID-19 Advocacy Efforts

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As a field focused on bringing people together, here's how we are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

APAP Action Alert

Updated 1:35 p.m. (EST), November 24, 2020

Policy leaders in the current Congress are showing renewed energy to make decisions about COVID-19 relief in the remaining weeks of this legislative year. You have one last chance to advocate for the next round of sorely needed COVID relief.

A second round of PPP funding, expanded nonprofit tax credits, pandemic unemployment benefits, and other forms of relief for the arts, public education, states, and communities are all on the table. In addition to addressing COVID relief, legislators are also hoping to pass funding bills for the 2021 fiscal year, which may be a vehicle for how COVID relief gets passed before the year is out.

Cultivating and maintaining bipartisan support for issues that affect the arts and their communities remains critical at every level. The remainder of 2020 and into 2021 is prime time to influence current legislators and incoming legislators and their policy priorities.

We strongly encourage that you sign this petition as well as take a few moments now to be among the first to introduce or reintroduce yourself, or your organization to your re-elected or newly elected officials. Seek out your local partners and do this work together. These first conversations are great opportunities for everyone to listen for a better understanding of what is needed in your community.

Congressional Action

APAP has joined the broader arts and nonprofit sectors in advocating for the performing arts booking, touring and presenting field in the wake of COVID-19 closures, event cancellations, and the diverse needs of APAP members during this time.

Looking for information on U.S. federal Coronavirus relief? Visit APAP's dedicated relief page.

As relief and recovery legislation will continue into the coming months, it's very important that we continue to make the case for performing arts organizations, arts workers, and artists. Our collective advocacy efforts as a field are working. Your stories are being heard. We thank you for your efforts and urge you to continue to engage your local Congressional staff directly and use the talking points from the above statements. You may also find some of these talking points from the U.S. Conference of Mayors platform helpful.