About Building Bridges

The goal of Building Bridges is to expose Americans to the highest forms of contemporary Muslim art and use those expressions to create experiences that bind communities together. The program promotes a deeper understanding of curatorial practice and supports the production of well-documented benchmarks for expanding audience engagement in the future.

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What you'll find here:

  • What the purpose of the Building Bridges program is and who is involved

  • You'll learn how APAP member grantees are increasing cross-cultural understanding with a focus on Muslim culture and millennial audiences

  • How you can engage with the Building Bridges program

The Program

Building Bridges Grant Program

The Building Bridges grant program operates on a three year cycle. Currently, the cycle is closed. Below you will find more information about current grantees and their projects.

Building Bridges​: Arts, Culture and Identity (2016-2019)

APAP's Building Bridges: Arts, Culture and Identity is a groundbreaking grants program that supports U.S.-based performing arts presenting organizations interested in building interdisciplinary cross-campus and community collaborations that expand awareness, knowledge and understanding of Muslim societies.

Grantees are working collaboratively with campus-wide and external community partners to engage targeted populations – with a primary focus on young people born after 1980 (the “millennial” population) and are encouraged to collaborate with artists who, through their work, exemplify the layered and diverse cultural identities of Muslims living in the U.S. and around the world. Learn more in the press release.

Meet the grantees

Building Bridges: Campus Community Engag​ement (2014-2017)

APAP's Building Bridges: Campus Community Engagement grants program follows upon the accomplishments and lessons learned from the Creative Campus Innovations grants program established in January 2006. 

Six campus presenting organizations were awarded in December 2013 for their ability to engage student and community populations and to increase knowledge and understanding of Muslim cultures through the performing arts. Projects will take place from January 2014 through April 2017. 

Meet the grantees

Opportunities to Engage

Inside Arts article on the Building Bridges

APAP has followed the Building Bridges grantees from first receiving the funding, to starting their projects and outcomes. You can read the articles to go in-depth with some of the grantees here.