In January 2017, APAP members voted to change the name of the organization of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters to the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. Such a name change represents the breadth of individuals and experiences in the performing arts field and in the APAP membership community that has been widening with every year. The proverbial tent has just gotten bigger.

To celebrate this historic occasion, APAP is launching a series of videos called “I Am APAP” in which a cross-section of APAP members—your colleagues and peers—tell us about what they value about APAP and about their “APAP moment”. Throughout 2017 and leading up to the APAP|NYC 2018 conference, we rolled out these videos—these voices—that capture the unique experiences of APAP members. Read the Inside Arts article here.

We invite you to check back often for new videos and to engage with us on social media. #IAmAPAP