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APAP|NYC 2020 Showcase: I Will Always Love You - Ashlie-Amber Harris by Adam Kissick/APAP

APAP|NYC is the world's premier gathering of the performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry and the annual members conference of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. 

In January 2021, APAP will have a dynamic online convening.

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Why attend APAP|NYC+ in 2021?

The performing arts field has been upended, so you may ask, "Why bother convening in January 2021?" As we look to 2021 and into the future, It is precisely because everything has turned upside down that we---performing arts professionals---need to come together as a community.

  • APAP|NYC+ will give you up-to-the-minute briefings, state-of-the-field updates, forecasts for the future, and the practical information you need to help you navigate the everchanging challenges presented by the pandemic.

  • Together, we will address the "Red Alert" issues of this moment, including public health, anti-racism, and the climate emergency.

  • Through an anti-racist lens, we will reimagine how to build a new performing arts ecosystem and stake our claim as an essential part of the economic recovery.

  • Celebrating the work of our colleagues, we will highlight innovation and offer inspiration by featuring the "necessary invention" happening in the performing arts.

  • Through many shared, national and global conversations that can only happen at APAP|NYC+, we will break down industry silos in search of new solutions and support.

  • With experts from inside and outside the field, we will build resilience---professionally, personally, and financially---with tools to make our spaces safe and our businesses sustainable, as well as to support our mental health.

  • While it's not "business-as-usual", connecting to the art and to each other is crucial. We will shine the spotlight on the artists, and we will fuel the collaborations that make art happen through a virtual EXPO Hall, pitch sessions and showcases.
  • We will reset and restart in 2021, activate the APAP membership, leverage our power in numbers, and take steps toward lasting change.

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What is APAP|NYC+?

In January 2021, APAP will host APAP|NYC+---a dynamic online convening, delivering many of the valuable elements you have come to expect from the APAP|NYC conference: quality programming, an EXPO Hall, pitch sessions, performance showcases, opportunities to network with your colleagues, and more.

Why the "+" this year? 

  • Because as a field, we aim to be more inclusive than we have ever been, offering "no barriers" memberships, flexible renewal options, and low conference registration rates. Additionally, we will have open-to-the-public events during the pre-conference, and we will livestream select APAP|NYC+ events where maximum attendance from across the field is most critical. APAP|NYC+ will be more accessible.

  • Because APAP|NYC+ will be a convergence of members, artists, and influencers from around the world. APAP|NYC+ will be more international.

  • Because while APAP|NYC+ will be anchored around our planned dates of January 8-12, 2021, we are offering additional activities in advance of and after these dates. We will also host activities during pre-conference on January 6-8, as well as host follow-up activities and make available content all month long. APAP|NYC+ will be more flexible.

Will there be in-person activities?

Currently, we do not know what in-person activities might be possible as the current restrictions on in-person gatherings in New York City and guidance for New York City hotels prohibit large groups from gathering at this time.

How to register for APAP|NYC+

Registration to APAP|NYC+ includes access to all sessions, networking activities, the virtual EXPO Hall, showcases and pitch sessions. It also gives you on-demand access to replaying content post-conference. 

To register, you must be an APAP member. However, because we know many performing arts professionals are hurting financially right now, we are offering multiple ways to become a member with our "no barriers" membership offer. Learn more about APAP membership. For membership questions, contact us at

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