Produce a Showcase

By showcasing, you have the potential of reaching an audience of nearly 1,600 presenting organizations, more than 3,600 presenting professionals and 250 artist companies from around the world at APAP|NYC.

Showcases are independently produced by APAP members in venues all across NYC. APAP, itself, does not produce, curate or jury showcases.

 APAP NYC 2015 Showcase Booking Dance Festival at Jazz at Lincoln Center by Adam Kissick/APAP


Who showcases?

Thousands of artists, agents, and producers put on showcases each year. To produce a showcase at APAP, you must be an APAP member or an artist on the roster of an APAP member.

Some factors you to consider when deciding to showcase. You should have, at minimum:

  • Work that has high artistic integrity.
  • A budget and plan to cover your expenses.
  • A network of presenters who are interested in your work.
  • Managerial and administrative capacity to solicit and follow up with presenters.

For full list of guidelines, view our Complete Guide to Independent Showcasing at APAP|NYC.

Choosing a venue and managing logistics

As APAP does not curate showcases, you need to secure a venue when planning your showcase.

There are three options for venues, you can: 

  1. Purchase a showcase slot/slots in the Hilton from an APAP showcase producer.
  2. Sponsor a VIP Hospitality Suite
  3. Book your own venue outside of the Hilton

If you are interested in showcasing at the New York Hilton Midtown, email Robert Baird, APAP Showcase Liaison, at

If you are interested in sponsoring a VIP Hospitality Suite, email Kristin Cooper, Sponsorship Sales, at

To find your own venue, get started by browsing a list of possible venues in New York City. Showcase producers are responsible for coordinating performance times and logistics directly with the venue. The most popular dates for showcasing are Saturday and Sunday evenings during the conference when the greatest number of attendees are in New York.

Tools and Resources

Here are some additional tools and resources to help you plan for showcasing success!

The Complete Guide to Independent Showcasing

The guide has everything you need to know about planning and promoting your showcase at the APAP|NYC conference. View it here.

First-Timer Webinar

Replay our first-timer "How to APAP: Showcasing at APAP|NYC 2018" webinar to get insights from seasoned APAP|NYC showcasers.

Promoting your showcase

Once you have secured your venue and planned your showcase, consider these ways to drive audience to your event.

Purchase a Showcase Listing

Showcase listings are the easiest way to promote your performance. Starting in October, you can log in to purchase a showcase listing. You must be a fully registered conference attendee to purchase a listing.

A $70 showcase listing appears in the following places:

  • APAP|NYC Showcase Listing Guide (if purchased before 5 p.m. (EST), Tuesday, November 21, 2017)
  • APAP|NYC 2017 mobile app
  • Searchable database online

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Make your showcase stand out from the crowd. Increase your brand recognition, build your market and stand out from the crowd with one of our advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

Best Practices for Email Marketing Campaigns

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