This information is for the APAP|NYC 2020 conference and is for your reference only.
APAP|NYC 2021 information will be updated in the summer.

Camera Crew Requirements

Please note the following details related to filming and camera crew access to the EXPO Hall. Advance attention to these requirements will make your visit more productive:

APAPNYC 2015 Photo Shoot by Adam Kissick/APAP


  • Recording of plenary sessions that is intended for broadcast or webcast requires prior arrangement and permission through APAP;

  • Advance scheduling is required for all filming during exhibit hours; 

  • Advance scouting, without cameras, is required; 

  • All camera crew personnel must wear press badges, and badges must be visible while on the exhibit floor; 

  • All camera crews will be escorted by a representative of the Conference while on the exhibit floor; 

  • A list of filming needs, indicating company name and booth number, must be approved by APAP in advance of any filming; 

  • Permission must be granted by each exhibitor before any filming begins. Camera crews must provide release forms before filming; 

  • If you ​need power, other than battery pack, advance arrangements are required and can be arranged by contacting Leah Frelinghuysen;

  • You will be responsible for any costs related to electrical needs; 

  • Interviews for exhibitors in the EXPO Hall should be scheduled up to one week before the conference starts (January 10, 2020) and advance scheduling is required for all filming during exhibit hours

Press Contact:
Leah Frelinghuysen
Media Relations Consultant, APAP|NYC 2020
Association of Performing Arts Professionals