Camera Crew Requirements

Please note the following details related to filming and camera crew access to the EXPO Hall. Advance attention to these requirements will make your visit more productive:

APAPNYC 2015 Photo Shoot by Adam Kissick/APAP


  • Recording of plenary sessions that is intended for broadcast or webcast requires prior arrangement and permission through APAP;

  • Advance scheduling is required for all filming during exhibit hours; 

  • Advance scouting, without cameras, is required; 

  • All camera crew personnel must wear press badges, and badges must be visible while on the exhibit floor; 

  • All camera crews will be escorted by a representative of the Conference while on the exhibit floor; 

  • A list of filming needs, indicating company name and booth number, must be approved by APAP in advance of any filming; 

  • Permission must be granted by each exhibitor before any filming begins. Camera crews must provide release forms before filming; 

  • If you ​need power, other than battery pack, advance arrangements are required and can be arranged by contacting Carol Miller;

  • You will be responsible for any costs related to electrical needs; 

  • Interviews may be scheduled by contacting Leah Frelinghuysen

Press Contact:
Leah Frelinghuysen
Media Relations Consultant, APAP|NYC 2018
Association of Performing Arts Professionals