Professional Engagement Opportunities

Deepen your engagement with your colleagues at APAP|NYC through these application-based opportunities at the APAP|NYC conference. 

APAP NYC 2017 Under The Radar Speed Dating


Emerging Leadership Institute

APAP's Emerging Leadership Institute (ELI) is an intensive two and a half-day seminar that develops critical leadership skills for emerging arts professionals in the first 3-7 years of their career. A new cohort of approximately 25 individuals will be selected to participate in ELI this year and attend APAP|NYC 2017. ELI is a collaborative process where learning from each other is highly valued and also a rare opportunity for each participant to reflect on and develop their ideas about leadership and their own career. Deadline is Thursday, June 29 at 5 p.m. (EDT).

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Young Performers Career Advancement

Young Performers Career Advancement (YPCA) is a program designed to support classical musicians in the formative stages of their careers by offering opportunities to meet and work with established presenters, managers, agents and artists. YPCA participants will attend specialized seminar activities at APAP|NYC 2017 that provide a practical overview of the presenting and touring industry and receive expert instruction in the development of audience engagement skills. Artists will also perform at the only APAP coordinated showcase held at the prestigious NYC venue, Carnegie Hall. Learn more about the program. Deadline is Thursday, July 20 at 5 p.m. (EDT).

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UP NEXT! Pitch Session

UP NEXT! provides presenters and producers with the chance to discover what’s in the pipeline of new work currently in development or recently completed and ready to tour! The format is simple – artists, agents and/or managers have 5 minutes to spark the interest of presenters and producers with a pecha kucha style presentation of slides and/or video. This is not a typical showcase program, but a rapid fire curated session for artists, agents and/or managers to pitch new projects, generate interest and connect with colleagues for potential bookings. Learn more about the session​.

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Networking/Consortia Meetings

Connect and collaborate! This is an opportunity for state and regional consortia of presenters and other performing arts groups to gather on common issues and timely topics.

Before submitting your room request for a consortia or networking meeting, please review the guidelines below:

  • Networking and consortia meetings cannot be scheduled against APAP plenary, keynote or featured professional development sessions or special events

  • Networking and consortia meetings can only be scheduled during designated time periods

  • Networking and consortia meetings are accepted and placed at the discretion of the APAP conference and program's staff

  • No audio/visual equipment or catering is provided by APAP for networking and consortia meetings

  • Room setup requests will be taken into consideration, but APAP cannot guarantee specific room setups can be accommodate

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