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APAP|NYC 2020 UP NEXT! Participants

The UP NEXT! pitch session provides presenters and producers with the chance to discover what’s in the pipeline of opportunities to present new work that is currently in development or recently completed and ready to tour! The format is simple – artists, agents and/or managers have 5 minutes to spark the interest of presenters and producers with a pecha kucha style presentation of slides and/or video (no longer than 3 minutes) followed by a moderated question and answer period (no longer than 2 minutes). This is not a typical showcase program, but a curated session for artists, agents and/or managers to pitch new projects, generate interest and connect with colleagues for potential bookings. The audience will consist of presenters and producers who are APAP|NYC 2020 conference registrants.

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Learn more about the APAP|NYC 2020 participants:


Alphabet Rockers - Rise Shine #Woke
Alphabet Rockers make music that makes change. Led by Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd, they create brave spaces to shape a more equitable world through hip hop. Their GRAMMY-nominated music, videos, concerts and curriculum are designed by an intercultural team of educators, artists, parents and young people of all genders. Headlining at Lollapalooza, The Kennedy Center, San Francisco Pride and in 50+ schools nationally each year, inclusive audiences love their contemporary sound and positive messages. Reaching over 300K families since 2007, Alphabet Rockers inspire American kids and families to stand up to hate and be their brave and beautiful selves.



Ephrat Asherie Dance - Underscored
UnderScored, is an immersive dance theater work which blurs the lines between dance performance and social gathering and acts as a living archive for the history of club dance in NYC. The work involves a diverse and multi-generational cast of dancers between the ages of 25-76 and revolves around the stories of three elders from the underground dance community: Archie Burnett, Louis "Loose" Key and Michele Saunders. Their energy and spirit have shaped NYC's club scene; their experiences, stories and dances are invaluable. UnderScored dives into the performers' club-life stories and how they reflect, complicate and invigorate NYC's multi-faceted night-life community.


Jo Kreiter/Flyaway Productions - The Wait RoomTHE WAIT ROOM is a site-specific dance honoring women with incarcerated loved ones. Designed for performance in proximity to prison systems, it blends an elaborate set, the body in flight and an exploration of the physical/emotional burdens of secondary incarceration. The project was created in partnership with Oakland-based Essie Justice Group. It’s been performed next to the Federal Building, SF, and Sing Sing Prison, NY.  




Composer and guitarist Kaki King’s first theater project, DATA NOT FOUND, is an audiovisual journey combining new music, spoken text, projection mapping, and other performative technology. Directed by Annie Dorsen (2019 MacArthur fellow), the work explores a broad range of contemporary issues, including “big data,” artificial intelligence, digital afterlife, and personal empowerment in the context of human history and our place in the natural world. The work is grounded in the philosophy of “data humanism”, and features an ancillary video installation created by Kaki and data designer Giorgia Lupi that will travel with the show.



Kaneza Schaal and Christopher Myers - CARTOGRAPHY
Cartography is a performance rooted in migration and the concrete and metaphorical cartography at the center of worlds in motion. The performance weaves stories of a group of young migrants awaiting border passage, using tools developed with groups of immigrant children worldwide. Visual tools such as map-making and inventory meet performance tools toward a catalogue of journeys & the pitfalls and triumphs of each. Performances include workshops for local immigrant and refugee communities.




Keone & Mari Madrid and Hideaway Circus - Beyond Babel
BEYOND BABEL is a critically acclaimed new theatrical dance show created by Keone & Mari Madrid and Hideaway Circus. Told entirely through the style of Urban Dance, the show is about the division of families, friends, and a community of people as authorities decide to build a wall between them. We follow two divinely linked lovers as they reconcile with the rising tensions of a populace cut in half. Beyond Babel is set to a contemporary soundtrack, features a cast of twelve elite dancers, and large crochet backdrops, art installations, and yarn-based props created by artist London Kaye.



Le Patin Libre - Grande Forme
Since 2005 the pioneer of contemporary ice skating Le Patin Libre (“Free Skate”) has been using the rink as a place where diverse audiences gather, discover their art form, and experience inclusive skating events for all ages. Grande Forme is the company’s first foray into a larger ensemble work. Inspired by the complex and hypnotic geometry seen with birds and fish moving en masse, Grande Forme explores flocking. The skaters use the glide to magically whiz through space, asking the questions: Why do we gather? Can flocking be dangerous? Could it be at the root of the polarization many societies are experiencing?



Mark Haim, choreographer - Parts to a Sum
Choreographer Mark Haim asked 400+ people (family, friends, lovers, mentors, students, even enemies, from his life of 58 years) to send him a 5-10 second movement phrase made with "good intentions" at its heart. The result is a dance of 370 phrases by people ranging in age from 1.5 to 93 from 25+ countries. Mark sees this dance as a challenge to the question: how can we "hold" a large amount of people to convey gratitude and the joy of our connectivity? A remarkable undertaking both physically and intellectually, the 90-minute solo celebrates decades of a life through movement.



Michelle Shocked - Musical Chairs: A comparsa for Artists' Rights
I present, for your consideration, Musical Chairs: A Comparsa for Artists' Rights. It is a cri de coeur in the form of a song cycle informed by the revolutionary Cuban rhythms of rumba, explored during successive trips to Cuba with author Ned Sublette. Musical Chairs explores the institutional, technological, and legislative challenges facing musicians in America's current "sharing economy" filtered through the unbridled street parties and communal action of the Cuban comparsa tradition.




Mostly Kosher - Mostly Kosher! A Family Interactive Show
This Mostly Kosher interactive family show utilizes global Jewish cultural music, traditional and contemporary, to tell the story of a Klezmer musician coming into his own as a performer and a grandmother (“Mamela”) striving to stay relevant in an ever changing world. The joyous and heartfelt exploration is sometimes melancholy and often hilarious, inspiring audience members of all ages and backgrounds. 




Sean Dorsey Dance - BOYS IN TROUBLE
Now on a 20-city international tour through 2021, BOYS IN TROUBLE is a timely and urgent commentary on contemporary masculinity – these powerful dances place a trans and queer lens onto intersectional questions of embodiment, violence, Black queer love, whiteness, shame and posturing.

BOYS IN TROUBLE is a fusion of full-throttle dance, highly-physical theater, humor, exquisite partnering and intimate storytelling … and performed with Sean Dorsey Dance’s signature technical precision, guts and deep humanity.

Dorsey is celebrated as the nation’s first acclaimed transgender modern dance choreographer and has toured to 30 cities. See BOYS IN TROUBLE at New York Live Arts January 12-14, 2020


Shirley Crabbe - I've Got Rhythm: An Evening with The Incomparable Ethel Waters
"I Got Rhythm: An Evening with The Incomparable Ethel Waters" is a one-woman show featuring the signature songs and innovative arrangements of America's first black superstar. Sweetened with stories from Ms. Water's autobiography "His Eye Is on The Sparrow," the show celebrates her life as a woman of the theatre, star of television and film, and a jazz and blues singer who influenced many of America's greatest vocalists. Through songs like Am I Blue, Throw the Dirt, and Little Black Boy, to name a few, the experience of African Americans living in the 1930s and Ms. Waters' personal journey to achieve justice and equality in her life are revealed.



Small Island Big Song
Over three years, Small Island Big Song evolved from visits to 16 Island Nations, and work with over 100 artists, elders, community groups and grass roots musicians, all recorded in their homelands in nature using traditional instruments and languages. The result is a stunning (award winning) musical collaboration reuniting the distant yet interconnected musical traditions of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The first North American tour will be in 2021 featuring a show of 8 performers and incorporating a multi-faceted residency program addressing issues related to indigenous communities throughout the Pacific Island and Indian Ocean region (including climate change and sea level rise). 


Squonk - Hand to Hand
Squonk's HAND to HAND is a joyful original outdoor production that encourages shared discovery and explores the issues of scale and power. This music spectacle is propelled by a pair of giant hands with the visible rigging of a sailing ship or hot air balloon, and just as big. The audience comes together to grab the rigging, each individual powering a larger movement. People, face to face, festive, in a public setting, building a community of the imagination. Hand to Hand.




Sultans of String - Sultans of String - Refuge
NY Times and BILLBOARD charting band Sultans of String have a new collaborative performance featuring incredible talents from the USA/Canada, many of whom arrived as recent immigrants and refugees. We feel it is important to highlight the extraordinary contributions of those that have arrived here from around the globe, as well as global talents that have been ambassadors for peace. Each one of us has a remarkable story to tell, and we are excited to share the beauty of these collaborations with you, featuring special guests from First Nations, Turkey, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Greece, Syria, Mexico, Portugal, Cuba, and Sudan.



Urban Jazz Dance Company - Deaf's IMPRISONED
Antoine Hunter/Urban Jazz Dance Company (African American Deaf choreographer) created raw compelling works on what it means to be living in a “prison within a prison” as a Deaf person pulling from interviews with Deaf prisoners. Performers will use sign language, spoken text, dance (modern, pointe ballet, and jazz), film, music and silence to look at the lives of Deaf people: What does it mean to be a Deaf person in prison? A Deaf woman of color? In these interdisciplinary works, we explore the tension between Deaf utopia and Deaf diaspora. Deaf’s IMPRISONED is intended for both Hearing and Deaf audiences.



Wayne Shorter and Esperanza Spalding (Real Magic) - Iphigenia
IPHIGENIA, with music by Wayne Shorter and libretto by Esperanza Spalding, is a modern operatic re-imagining of a powerful ancient story by two of the most visionary and daring musical voices of our time. With Shorter’s ground-breaking method of symphonic improvisation and Spalding’s colorful, conversational libretto, Euripides’ ancient tale is transposed onto a modern-day film set where Gene (our modern-day Iphigenia) must risk everything in order to break the pattern of being held captive to the stories—stories about race, gender, and relationships—we’ve been told can never change.



Will Power - Detroit Red
DETROIT RED is a multi-layered theatrical exploration of the turbulent, destructive, yet ultimately redemptive life of Malcolm X as he dwelled and came of age in the Roxbury section of Boston, MA and Harlem, NYC. This ensemble-created work features three shape-shifting actors who create a uniquely imaginative theatrical experience. DETROIT RED offers a radical take on traditional theater, illuminating an iconic African-American figure and the community that helped form him.



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