Self-Care Opportunities

APAP|NYC 2020 is offering a new programming track titled “R&R: Resiliency through Self-Care” to help ground the day, with morning and evening meditation, mindfulness training and yoga sessions. While APAP has long recognized the creativity, inspiration and energy of its members, this year, we are leaning into how we prioritize self-care practices in a human-centered industry, designed to serve others.



R&R: Resiliency through Self-Care Track

No mats or special clothes needed! These workshops and conversations help build tools for life after conference, addressing work/life integration, mental health, stress solutions, and more.

More Self-Care Opportunities

NEW! The quiet room is available in the Holland Suite on the fourth floor, from Saturday through Monday of the conference for contemplation, de-stressing or just catching your breath away from the hustle and bustle of conference. This is an open room where attendees may come and go.

NEW! The yoga room is available in the East Suite on the fourth floor throughout the conference when guided yoga is not in session. This is an open room where attendees may come and go.

NEW! A nursing pod is available on the fourth floor. The pod uses an app through which you can reserve space.