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APAP|NYC 2019 UP NEXT! Participants

The UP NEXT! pitch session provides presenters and producers with the chance to discover what’s in the pipeline of opportunities to present new work that is currently in development or recently completed and ready to tour! The format is simple – artists, agents and/or managers have 5 minutes to spark the interest of presenters and producers with a pecha kucha style presentation of slides and/or video (no longer than 3 minutes) followed by a moderated question and answer period (no longer than 2 minutes). This is not a typical showcase program, but a curated session for artists, agents and/or managers to pitch new projects, generate interest and connect with colleagues for potential bookings. The audience will consist of presenters and producers who are APAP|NYC 2019 conference registrants.

You must be registered for APAP|NYC 2019 and have picked up your badge prior to the session.

Learn more about the APAP|NYC 2019 participants:

Axis Dance Company

AXIS Dance Company - "Alice in Oakland"  [Cadence Arts Network]
For his first international commission, AXIS Dance Company’s recently appointed Artistic Director Marc Brew will work with UK based dance theater artist Arthur Pita. Set and costume collaborator Yann Seabra will partner on the project. Working with AXIS’ company of disabled and non-disabled dancers, Pita’s dance theater work “Alice in Oakland” will explore the growing rate of homelessness and conditions homeless individuals face in the bay area. The work is set to premiere October 25, 2019 at ZSpace Theater in San Francisco. We are seeking lead commissioners and Mid-Atlantic Arts Connect Partners. Mid-Atlantic, Coastal and World Premieres available.

Bridgeman Packer

Bridgman|Packer Dance - Table Bed Mirror [Pentacle]
Table Bed Mirror is the latest in Bridgman|Packer Dance's body of work of "Video Partnering", their award-winning and genre-breaking integration of live performance and video technology. This new work navigates through an illogical and fantastical night of dreams, following two people who are having the same dream. While galloping through constantly shifting realities, the work references the neuroscience of the dream process and contrasts dreams' most ridiculously commonplace details with the expansive and outrageous. Live movement, video, text, and sound score create an absurdist collage that intends to confound the sense of reality and flip assumptions upside down.

Cirque Alfonse

Cirque Alfonse - Tabarnak [John Lambert and Assoc.]
Cirque Alfonse is a family circus created in 2005 that has been integrating traditional Quebec imagery and cultural references to create their own unique brand of contemporary circus. Their latest family-friendly production, TABARNAK, was created in 2017 and has since been performed at the ADELAIDE FRINGE in Australia, BOBINO in Paris, the EDINBURGH FRINGE and the FESTIVAL GREC in Barcelona. Inspired by the gathering place of the small Quebec community where they grew up, TABARNAK has the feel of something of a celebration and even of a rock-musical mixing live original music, humor and jaw-dropping acrobatics.

Dan Froot and Company

Dan Froot and Company - Pang!
PANG! is three short plays based on the lives of real families around the country living below the poverty line. It’s staged as an eccentric radio theater company performing a live podcast, with a haunting score by Robert Een. Four actors dodge among a forest of microphones and tables overflowing with odd household items, voicing dozens of characters and creating live sound effects. Rich with the families’ warmth and humor, PANG! integrates a novel, entertaining form of audience dialogue – the Kitchen Table – into the performance. During advance residencies, Froot and Company engage deeply with local communities of diverse economic backgrounds.

Delanna Studi

DeLanna Studi - "And So We Walked" [Walrus Arts Management and Octopus Theatricals]
And So We Walked is a frank, heartwarming and inspiring performance written and performed by DeLanna Studi. In it, a contemporary Cherokee woman embarks on a 900-mile journey along the Trail of Tears with her father to understand her own identity and the conflicts of her nation. Studi recounts this six-week journey, which retraces the path her great-great grandparents took in the 1830s during the forced relocation of 17,000 Cherokee from their homelands. This powerful, multi-faceted memoir draws on extraordinary interviews, historical research, and the artist’s personal experience to convey the complexities and conflicts with which the Cherokee wrestle.


DNAWORKS - The Real James Bond...Was Dominican [ALC Management]
What happens when a James Bond-obsessed Dominican boy in Queens (who won't go anywhere without his nerf gun), finds out that the real James Bond was Dominican? This is a true story about Porfirio Rubirosa, Ian Fleming’s inspiration for Bond, and a young Dominican actor-to-be – whose discovery of “Rubi” shakes his very foundation. Set to a live percussion score and immersive projections, The Real James Bond…Was Dominican is a young man’s guide to love, sex, color, code-switching, white-washing, success, fake-it-till-you-make-it, and the roller coaster of finding one’s true self.



Fifth House Ensemble and Alash - "Sonic Meditations" [Cadenza Artists]
Fifth House Ensemble and internationally acclaimed Tuvan throat singing group Alash cross oceans, borders, and musical traditions. The culmination of a cultural- and continent-spanning collaboration that brought Fifth House to Tuva and Alash to the United States, this communal concert explores how folk music preserves sacred stories through participatory music-making--including new commissions from Grammy-nominated video game composer Austin Wintory and Fifth House’s own Fresh Inc Festival alumnus William Pearson. Sonic Meditations delves into music both deeply familiar and deeply distant, and creates brand-new music through guided improvisations that place the audience at the center of the action!


fuse* - Dökk [Elsie Management]
Dökk is a live, multimedia performance of light, sound, and movement conceived and produced by the Italian digital art studio fuse*, in collaboration with performer Elena Annovi. One-hour in length, Dökk is a solo journey through the subconscious. The performance takes audiences into an endless universe, into a mandala-like experience. Dökk evokes the random, unforeseeable experience that is life itself. It looks at the circle of life as a search for the balance between light and darkness. (Dökk is the Icelandic word for “darkness”).



Garba360 [MELA Arts Connect]
Garba is an Indian, specifically Gujarati, dance tradition practiced by millions. Garba360 makes a beloved experience by Gujaratis, for Gujaratis one that is by Gujaratis, for all. This participatory circle dance with simple repeating steps is accessible and fun. Through dance, the circle is literally and metaphorically expanded to include all. Led by regional artists, a Garba360 event features dance lessons, a dance performance, and community dancing to a live band. Garba360 is a joyous social dance event that brings people together. Garba360's premieres include Lincoln Center and Chicago Summerdance.


Guy Mendilow

Guy Mendilow Ensemble and Sand Artist Kseniya Simonova - The Forgotten Kingdom — Sand Stories [Myriad Artists]
Folding This American Life-style stories into a top-tier world music concert, the Guy Mendilow Ensemble conjures voices lost to war in a tale brought to life by Ukrainian sand artist Kseniya Simonova (US premiere) who creates, obliterates, and morphs images in a flowing narrative. Breathtaking landscapes of sand, from ruined villages of the former Ottoman Empire to the streets of post-war Cairo, evoke a panorama of a Mediterranean world in turmoil. Springing from 19th-century Sephardic women’s songs and with arrangements embracing Western and Arabic classical, Argentinian Tango, and American pop, the show stirs questions about our own tensions and divides.


Hiplet Ballerinas: On Tour [ECE Touring]
Created & trademarked by Homer Bryant, an original principal dancer with the Dance Theater of Harlem, Hiplet™ is an innovative dance form that infuses classical pointe technique with African, Latin, hip-hop & urban movements. Amassed billions of views, partnerships with leading tastemakers and has been seen on high-fashion runways from New York to Paris after going viral. Performances may incorporate the rhythms of African drums with Tchaikovsky, arabesques & beat-boxing or even Tango en pointe- while showcasing Hiplet's trademark sass, grooves & struts against popular music audiences will recognize from Black Violin to Beyonce. Workshops, study guide & residencies available.

Kelly Hall Tompkins

Kelly Hall-Tompkins - The Fiddler Expanding Tradition
Acclaimed Grammy-nominated Broadway “Fiddler”/Violin Soloist, Kelly Hall-Tompkins, featured in the New York Times as “the versatile violinist who makes the music come alive,” and as a New Yorker of the Year, and in the upcoming Fiddler Film documentary, is the first violin soloist to bring an entire program of ALL NEW solo arrangements from the beloved musical through her new album The Fiddler Expanding Tradition. Developed by the Fiddler herself with Oran Eldor and Ted Sperling, this program, from Klezmer to caprice to jazz ballad, celebrates the soul of the violin and the flavor of the Bartlett Sher production.

Max Hatt and Edda Glass

Max Hatt / Edda Glass
Max Hatt / Edda Glass have "an incomparable spook” (Nashville Scene) and "a unique sound" (NPR's Larry Groce) that's taken them from Montana’s bar scene to NPR, Lincoln Center and Kennedy Center. Though compared to singers from Astrud Gilberto to Billie Holiday, Glass is ultimately "one of a kind — you cannot confuse her with another artist" (NY Theatre Guide). Glass's lyrics and Hatt's compositions tell stories of little people on great plains, struggling for understanding across gender, race, and time. Jazz/Americana/World. “Beautiful…#chills” — NPR's Ann Powers; "Subtly poignant, elegantly funky, and haunting without trying to be." — Wilco's Nels Cline.

Miwa Matreyek

Miwa Matreyek - Infinitely Yours
Infinitely Yours is a dream/nightmare-scape of the complex harm humanity cause to the earth and to ourselves. The piece examines the undeniable web of connections between humans and climate change, from plastics in the oceans to toxins in our food, extinctions, the break down of natural systems (rising sea levels, massive storms, wildfires), to climate migration and conflict. Using detailed animations meticulously combined with performance, Matreyek physically engages and struggles with these ideas, while looking for hope on the other side, whether it be if we can return to a simpler time or if we can adapt to the coming future.


Rennie Harris

Rennie Harris Puremovement – American Street Dance Theatre - Rennie Harris FUNKEDIFIED [Jodi Kaplan / Booking Dance]
Rennie Harris Funkedified is a multi-media work that celebrates funk music and street dance of the 1970’s and is set against the landscape of a video montage of African American communities of that era. Inspired by the political turmoil and atmosphere of Rennie Harris’ childhood, Rennie Harris Funkedified features a live funk band paying homage to the music of such funk legends such as James Brown, George Clinton and Roger to name a few. Performing alongside RHPM's dancers, Rennie Harris Funkedfied features one of the most seminal Locking groups since Don Campbell and The Campbell Lock Dancers- “The Hood Lockers” of the 1970’s. Extraordinary seminal dancing.

Sankofa Danzafro

Sankofa Danzafro - FECHA LIMITE (Expiration Date) [Elsie Management]
“Expiration Date” is an Afro-contemporary dance work with live music performed by 8 dancers and 4 musicians in costumes that include masks made with golden bullets and chains. “Expiration Date” is a portrait of the daily struggle of the indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities to maintain and rebuild traditions and legacy in a society shaped by epistemicide. It is a call to action: the time of inequality is over. Now it’s the time for finding solutions, for rebuilding social fabric, for protecting Afro Colombian and Indigenous communities from the rain of illegalities and injustice.


Sugar Skull

SUGAR SKULL! A Dia de los Muertos Musical Adventure [Columbia Artists]
Young Vita thinks her family has gone loco planning a celebration for deceased loved ones. Why throw a party for the dead? But when a candy skeleton on her abuelita’s cemetery ofrenda suddenly springs to life, Vita finds herself on a magical, musical journey to unravel the true meaning of Día de los Muertos. Meet Sugar Skull, a charismatic candy skeleton who dreams of riding the exclusive train to Who-Knows-Where. Can Vita help him in time? Sugar Skull! is a colorful, musical family adventure that celebrates the rich traditions of Día de los Muertos, and the vibrant Mexican culture.

Svetlana and the Delancey Five

Svetlana & The Delancey Five - Night at the Movies
Scintillating soprano Svetlana and her Delancey Five are conquering the world with their songs, on a mission to uplift, connect, and spread the joy of “exuberant foot–stomping music...” (WPIX/11 News). “Night at the Movies” is Svetlana’s new 90-minute multi-media concert, arranged by Grammy-award winning Gill Goldstein, consisting of Oscar-winning songs that span a century of the art of film - accompanied by projections referencing these movies. This concert takes the audience on a century-long carnival of sounds and moving images, seamlessly traveling from sophisticated sultry retrospection to a rowdy joyous party. “Breakfast at Tiffanny’s meets Some Like It Hot” (LucidCulture).


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