APAP|NYC 2018 UP NEXT! Participants

The UP NEXT! pitch session provides presenters and producers with the chance to discover what’s in the pipeline of opportunities to present new work that is currently in development or recently completed and ready to tour! The format is simple – artists, agents and/or managers have 5 minutes to spark the interest of presenters and producers with a pecha kucha style presentation of slides and/or video (no longer than 3 minutes) followed by a moderated question and answer period (no longer than 2 minutes). This is not a typical showcase program, but a curated session for artists, agents and/or managers to pitch new projects, generate interest and connect with colleagues for potential bookings. The audience will consist of presenters and producers who are APAP|NYC 2018 conference registrants.

You must be registered for APAP|NYC 2018 and have picked up your badge prior to the session.

Learn more about the APAP|NYC 2018 participants:

Sprouting Words

Ananya Dance Theatre - "Shyamali: Sprouting Words" [Ananya Dance Theatre]
“Shyamali: Sprouting Words” explores how dissent fuels life force and growth, recognizes the courage of women who speak up and talk back to sustain communities against injustice, and celebrates women who refuse to be broken. Ananya Chatterjea's choreography combines the metaphor and poetry of Contemporary Indian Dance with an original score and spoken text to conjure a world where women connect through the vibrations of their movement. Structured in three acts; 8-12 performers; 90 minutes without intermission.


Seeds By Guntar Kravis

Annabel Soutar and Porte Parole - "Seeds" [Gami Simonds]
Seeds is Annabel Soutar’s hit documentary play about the four-year legal battle between feisty Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser and Monsanto Inc. Based on court trial transcripts, interviews with Schmeiser, Monsanto representatives, and with farmers, academics, lawyers and scientists, Seeds leads us through a suspenseful labyrinth of legal conflicts around patent rights, scientific showdowns about GM food, and property clashes between farmers and the biotechnology industry. While debates about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) escalate around the world, Seeds provides its audience with an entertaining platform to become informed about how GMOs were introduced into the North American food supply.

Bollywood Boulevard By Kevin Yatarola

Bollywood Boulevard - "A Journey Through Hindi Cinema" [MELA Arts Connect]
The artistry of Bollywood comes alive in this exuberant stage show that will thrill lifelong fans and novices alike through its blend of live music, dance, imagery and short films. Bollywood Boulevard captures the spirit and over 100 years of history of India's biggest film industry, from black-and-white classics to colorful blockbusters. A collaboration between creatives based in India and the United States, this production channels the passion and love that billions of people have for Bollywood in a fast-paced, energetic performance that will have audiences singing along and dancing in the aisles.


David Dorfman Dance By Adam Campo

David Dorfman Dance - "Aroundtown" [Pentacle]
Orbiting like planets, the members of David Dorfman Dance ask the stars above, the earth below, and each other what it means to love—in spite, or perhaps because of, the violence and strife in the world. Amid atmospheric electric folk music performed live onstage, plus original text and visuals, six dancers waltz and collide with athleticism and gorgeous abandon, propelling Dorfman’s earnest plea for intimacy. In all the giddy certainty and jarring unreality of romance, the company, featuring a poignant cameo by Dorfman and his wife Lisa Race, explores the question: What if real love means really being around?


Grand Tapestry By Stephen Brooks

Grand Tapestry [Alma Artist Booking]
Rap has gone global but rarely have rap and world music been fused successfully. Marrying hip-hop with classical Indian music, the newly formed group Grand Tapestry, bridges that gap. Featuring independent hip-hop artist, Eligh, Alam Khan on sarode, and Salar Nader on tabla. Alam is the son of Ali Akbar Khan, known as the greatest sarode player of modern times. Salar is a disciple of Zakir Hussain and Eligh is an independent rapper and producer touted for his style, content and love for the abstract. These three artists came together to create an epic tapestry of sound.


Hansel Gretel By Valley Performing Arts Center And Luis Luque

Hansel & Gretel: A Wickedly Delicious Musical Treat [Dandelion Artists] A Brand New All-Ages Rock Musical inspired by the Grimm Brothers’ classic fairy tale, the daring sibling duo of young Hansel and his older sister Gretel embark on an icy adventure in hopes of rekindling the warmth in their home. The Grimm Brothers bring the story to life with a rock and roll score amidst a projected animated wonderland inspired by the whimsy of Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl. This sparkling fable of humor and heroism is anything but grim. Music and Lyrics by GRAMMY nominated songwriter, Justin Roberts. Book by nationally produced playwright Ernie Nolan.


Black Like Me

Jade Solomon Curtis - "Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger" [Gail Boyd Artist Management] Black Like Me: An Exploration of the Word Nigger is a multidisciplinary dance work, that explores the reverb of a single word in a global community. It considers the effects of the word nigger, all its permutations, its history and its casual use in Hip Hop culture. Comprised of 5 sections created in collaboration with two of America’s leading Black media-design technologists, original sound composition and iconic and local activists; it asks if it is possible to redefine a word that was intended to belittle a people. 




Kid Koala - "Storyville Mosquito" [Envision Management & Production]
A small-town mosquito heads to the big city, clarinet in tow, to fulfill his dreams of performing at Sid Villa’s Music Hall, home to one of the greatest jazz bands of all time. Storyville Mosquito, an interactive immersive experience unfolds as: 1) A fun house gallery of smells, sounds and entertainment. 2) A live animated graphic novel performed, filmed, and scored in real time by performers, musicians and technicians who cinematically bring the characters to life using miniature sets, puppets, multiple cameras and musical instruments. 3) An after party to dance to Kid Koala and a live swing band.


Kina By Shawna Sarnovski

Kybele Dance Theater - "KINA"
KINA is a contemporary dance piece about fundamentalist Islamic pressure over women amidst a time when instability runs rampant and a democratic Turkey is in jeopardy. Whether you live in an oppressive society or trapped in your own mind, we all strive to break the chains that bind us. Seda Aybay, Founder/Artistic Director/Choreographer of Kybele Dance Theater, deconstructs Turkish socio-cultural references and ideologies, transforming figurative language and ideas into unique gestures highlighting her choreography while infusing the DNA of her culture into athletic movement. KINA was presented by Temecula Presents, Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz and LVCCD in KDT’s full evening program.


Women Who Score By Grand Performances

Laura Karpman - "Women Who Score: Soundtracks Live" [Riot Artists]
Celebrate the contributions of Oscar, Emmy and Grammy-winning women media-industry composers. “Women Who Score: Soundtracks Live” is an evening length, multi-media program featuring your orchestra and chorus performing great film, tv and video-game music (we bring conductors/composers, soloists, musical scores and video clips). Outstanding student and/or professional orchestras and choruses will work with award-winning Alliance for Women Film Composers members, who will rehearse your musicians. Gender is still a glass ceiling in Hollywood, and this program gives students and community members opportunities to meet these pioneers and learn about working in the “industry”.


ArkType American Dreams By Adam Abel

Leila Buck and ArKtype - "American Dreams" [ArKtype]
AMERICAN DREAMS is an ensemble-driven participatory performance imagining a world where the only way to gain citizenship to the U.S. is by competing in a nationally-televised game show run by the government. Through our most valued and frustrating of democratic processes, audience members choose by majority rule their favorite of three contestants in each of five rounds, culminating in a final vote for their newest fellow citizen. The show transforms abstract political debates into more complex investigations of our inevitable biases, beliefs, and fears – and in the process, reveals our assumptions about what it means to be(come) American.


Sonic Web By DJ Spooky

Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) - "Sonic Web" [Sozo Artists, Inc.]
Teaming up with Internet Archive (archive.org) and data artist Greg Niemeyer, Sonic Web is a multimedia hip hop concert experience about the history and exponential growth of the Internet. An exploration of network evolution, Sonic Web brings new, fresh perspectives on the 50-year evolution of information technology. DJ Spooky will create live loops and layers of sound and data visualizations using a one-of-a-kind touch screen instrument designed by Niemeyer. The hour-long experience will feature a local string ensemble and a narrator, resulting in a multi-sensory journey illuminating ever-present issues including inclusion and exclusion, echo chambers and small-world phenomena, etc.


Falling Out By Jessica Grindstaff

Phantom Limb - "FALLING OUT" [Octopus Theatricals]
FALLING OUT is a story about water, Japan, Fukushima, heartbreak and climate crisis. This multi-disciplinary theatrical event fuses puppetry (the hallmark of Phantom Limb’s work) with butoh, contemporary FLEX dance, visual design and soundscape to evoke the loss of deep connection we once had to the earth. Phantom Limb director Jessica Grindstaff and composer/puppet-maker Erik Sanko collaborate with Japanese butoh master Dai Matsuoka of Sankai Juku and an ensemble of actor/dancer/puppeteers to create an intimate and poetic final installment to Phantom Limb’s environmental trilogy.


Sleep By Julieta Cervantes

Ripe Time - "SLEEP" [Octopus Theatricals]
SLEEP is a visually immersive physical theatre work celebrating an ordinary woman’s rebellion against the confines of a mundane life and the gender expectations of a cultural hierarchy. A woman lives inside a box, sleepwalking through a regimented life. Driven by her own appetite and awakening, the box shatters, releasing her into a world of shadows. NewBorn Trio’s live score infused with Japanese flute and glass and metal percussion, and Ripe Time’s signature physical and visual storytelling tells a cautionary tale about tearing down patriarchal definitions and making oneself anew. Adapted by Naomi Izuka from Haruki Murakami’s 1994 short story.


Siti Company Chess Match No 5 photo credit Maria Baranova

SITI Company - "Chess Match No 5" [Pentacle]
Based on texts from the many public conversations with American composer, writer, artist, and philosopher John Cage, SITI actors Will Bond and Ellen Lauren create a unique live art performance. Part chess game and part music happening, the performance explores the words and ideas of this visionary artist. Director Anne Bogart and playwright Jocelyn Clarke bring to light Cage’s insights about the world, about art, music and philosophy in an evening of humorous, graceful and penetrating theatre. A fitting homage to one of the most inspiring figures of the 20th century.


Dot and Kangaroo

Stalker Theatre - "Creature: Dot and the Kangaroo" [Elsie Management]
Discover the magic of the Australian bush in this modern and visually stunning retelling of the 1899 classic children's book, Dot and the Kangaroo. Lost in the outback and rescued by a kangaroo, Dot is given magical berries that allow her to understand the animals around her. Join Dot on her journey to find home, encountering all sorts of curious creatures on the way including an acrobatic willy wagtail and quirky kookaburra. Featuring aerial performances, dance and interactive digital projections of indigenous flora and fauna, kids will love this immersive theatrical experience that explores the Australian wild.


Caravan by J Harris

Terence Blanchard E-Collective, Rennie Harris Puremovement and Andrew Scott - "Caravan: A Revolution on the Road" [International Music Network]
Caravan is an evening-length live music, dance and visual art collaboration in which Terence Blanchard’s E-Collective will synergistically interweave with Rennie Harris’s company Pure Movement. Andrew Scott’s iconographic visual projections and installations will seamlessly integrate into the overall artistic narrative. This project seeks to revive the motion, audience participation and social upheaval that was once at the forefront of Jazz, bringing this into a modern context. The themes of this piece will address and heal larger societal conflicts and wounds, reflect upon the life experiences of each artist, and Black Lives in the 21st century.

New Owner By Very Serious

Tim Watts/The Last Great Hunt - "NEW OWNER" [Elsie Management]
From the creators of international smash hits The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer and It’s Dark Outside comes a sensitive new show about loss, friendship and new beginnings. Bart is a boisterous puppy waiting to be chosen from the animal shelter. Mabel is a lonely widow, trying to fill the hole in her heart. When they find each other it’s the beginning of a profound friendship - but Mabel is old, and Bart is young - and suddenly alone. Combining puppetry, live action and animation, New Owner takes us on a world of adventure through a dog’s eyes.


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