APAP|NYC 2017 UP NEXT! Participants

The UP NEXT! pitch session provides presenters and producers with the chance to discover what’s in the pipeline of opportunities to present new work that is currently in development or recently completed and ready to tour! The format is simple – artists, agents and/or managers have 5 minutes to spark the interest of presenters and producers with a pecha kucha style presentation of slides and/or video (no longer than 3 minutes) followed by a moderated question and answer period (no longer than 2 minutes). This is not a typical showcase program, but a curated session for artists, agents and/or managers to pitch new projects, generate interest and connect with colleagues for potential bookings. The audience will consist of presenters and producers who are APAP|NYC 2017 conference registrants.

Learn more about the APAP|NYC 2017 participants:

Jasiri X – “Body and Soul” [1Hood Media]
Jasiri X Lorem ipsum dolor sit ame... Hip Hop artist and activist Jasiri X will premiere his original new score for the newly restored Body and Soul, the 1925 silent film directed by Oscar Micheaux and starring the great Paul Robeson. This intergenerational performance piece seamlessly connects Black America’s past to present while creatively focusing on social justice issues of the day that were as relevant in 1925 as they are today.

Queensland Theatre and Dead Puppet Society – “The Wider Earth”
Queensland TheatreThe Wider Earth is a new visual theatre work reimagining Charles Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle. A coming-of-age story about how a doubting young man asked a question of Mother Nature and found the answer to everything. 8 actors use a suite of over 30 puppets, an original score by ARIA-award winning singer/songwriter Lior and Tony Buchen plus animated illustrations, to bring vistas the ship’s crew encounter to life before the audience’s eyes. This magical journey visits the heights of the Andes, the depths of the Amazon rainforest, the storms of Tierra del Fuego and the wondrous Galapagos Islands.

Hamid Rahmanian – “Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic” [Lisa Booth Management, Inc.]
Hamid Rahmanian Large scale shadow puppetry, video projections and live performance retell one of the great love stories from the Persian Book of Kings - the Shahnameh. In Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic, the story of Zaul & Rudabeh has all the trappings of a classic tale: a boy raised in the wild by a magical bird, star-crossed lovers who fight to stay together as war and death threated to tear them apart. Created by Iranian born visual artist/filmmaker Hamid Rahmanian with Larry Reed. Original score by Loga Ramin Torkian & Azam Ali.

Gabriel Prokofiev – “NONCLASSICAL NIGHT” [Sozo Artists, Inc.]
Gabriel Prokofiev"While cynics repeat their gloomy predictions about the future of the classical music industry, a new generation of artists is already redefining the concept...NONCLASSICAL has capitalized on this interest to develop a fresh approach to the presentation, dissemination and consumption of classical music." - The Financial Times. Conceived and curated by composer, DJ, and producer Gabriel Prokofiev, NONCLASSICAL NIGHT redefines the rules and constraints of western classical music. With Prokofiev’s DJ sets and a collaboration with local artists, this project becomes a site-reactive live musical experience that activates foyers and other unconventional spaces to offer a truly immersive experience.

Huang Yi Studio + and Nederlands Kamerkoor – “Under the Horizon [Sozo Artists, Inc.]
Huang Yi Studio Chinese folklore contends that the horizon is the frontier between life and the hereafter. Souls of the departed live as shadows across that frontier. In Under the Horizon, Huang Yi and audiovisual artist Ryoichi Kurokawa developed groundbreaking video techniques to craft a world where shadows and humans meet. In this breathtaking work, Huang and his dancers, enveloped by the internationally acclaimed Nederlands Kamerkoor, travel to the hereafter riding on the ethereal sounds of the human voice. Throughout this journey, the shadows are so close and vivid that their ultimate inability to merge with their human visitors is simultaneously strikingly beautiful and tragically bittersweet.

Australia’s Strange Fruit – “Tall Tales on the High Seas” [Elsie Management]
Australias Strange Fruit Tall Tales on the High Seas, a new mobile interactive work from Australia’s Strange Fruit, is a celebratory adventure for children and families of all ages/cultures. This epic tale, performed atop a 16ft sway-pole, follows the Chaplin-esque antics of three eccentric mariners aboard a vessel which morphs from humble beached boat, to a ship on the high seas. This vessel’s levitating crew perform an arsenal of spectacular physical feats in an exploration of the immense capacity of the human heart, set against a backdrop of any familiar public space using the iconic sway poles that define Australia’s Strange Fruit.

Ragamala Dance Company – “Written in Water” [Elsie Management]
Ragamala Dance Company Under the direction of Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy, Ragamala “provides some of the most transcendent experiences that dance has to offer" (The New York Times). Ranee and Aparna are each recipients of the Doris Duke Performing Artist Award ('14 and '16). In Written in Water, the dancers activate the space by negotiating snakes and ladders—which represent the heights of ecstasy and depths of longing in Hindu and Sufi thought. The performance unfolds upon a large-scale projection of a commissioned gameboard on the stage floor. Composers: Amir ElSaffar, Prema Ramamurthy. Instrumentation: Trumpet, santur, vocal, vocal percussion, mridangam, violin. Visuals: Keshav V.

Suli Holum – “A Fierce Kind of Love” [Institute on Disabilities, Temple University]
Suli HolumA Fierce Kind of Love, a new play by Drama Desk-nominee and Pig Iron Theatre Company co-founder Suli Holum, is an exploration of the Intellectual Disabilities Rights Movement. In a collage of text, movement and song, A Fierce Kind of Love shares stories and perspectives from a largely untold civil rights story of the past 50 years, in which parents, siblings, activists and advocates with intellectual disabilities struggled for equality and inclusion. The play features a cast of mixed ability artists, including five well-known Philadelphia-area performers and four community performers with intellectual disabilities.

Harlem Quartet with Aldo López-Gavilán – “From Havana to Harlem” [Sciolino Artist Management]
Harlem Quartet Harlem Quartet’s collaboration with Cuban pianist/composer Aldo López-Gavilán, From Havana to Harlem, offers a joyously energetic concert experience. Thanks to the recent thaw in US/Cuba relations, this collaboration sees López-Gavilán reunited with his older brother Ilmar, who left Cuba at age 14 and went on to co-found Harlem Quartet. López-Gavilán and Harlem Quartet showcase scintillating chemistry in a broad variety of repertoire. Programs include American jazz standards, bossa nova classics, and, of course, several original compositions from López-Gavilán that take audiences on a journey through Cuba’s myriad musical traditions. López-Gavilán will compose a new piece for the collaboration ahead of the 2017-18 season.

Kiesha Lalama & Dayton Contemporary Dance Company – “The Bench - Journey Into Love” [Niko Companies NYC]
Kiesha Lalama A timeless theatrical experience conceived by Kiesha Lalama, The Bench – Journey into Love cleverly weaves an innovative balance of story-driven dance, poetic lyrics, and soaring musical melodies. Two mystical storytellers orchestrate a serendipitous love-at-first-sight encounter for Antonio and Eva in a grand outdoor park. Emotions run wild as the new couple begins life together, experiencing relatable family moments that strike a chord and ignite the heart’s fire. The storytellers parallel Antonio and Eva, becoming their distinct voice of discovery and emotion. In the end, both couples evolve toward a bigger, better, stronger and fuller life.

Rick Miller and Craig Francis – “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” [Kidoons]
Rick MillerPlunge into the story of Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and get swept away by a dazzling multisensory experience. Commissioned for the Pan Am Games, and with a U.S. premiere at The New Victory Theater in NYC, this immersive onstage adventure extends online before, during, and after the play. Board the Nautilus and join the mysterious Captain Nemo and his three passengers/prisoners on a journey to the depths of the sea… and the edge of your seat. "The special effects are so compelling... you can't take your eyes off the stage." (Toronto Star)

Sarah Kilborne – “The Lavender Blues”
Sarah Kilborne The Lavender Blues is an historical, musical and theatrical journey that tells the story of queer music before World War II. People commonly believe that the LGBT movement began in 1969 with the Stonewall Riots, but a hundred years ago queer men and women were claiming their identities in the public sphere – and singing about it too. Author, LGBT activist and performance artist Sarah Kilborne brings to life a little-known yet revolutionary moment in music history when pioneering artists sang boldly about sexual and gender fluidity. This illuminating show has inspired diverse organizations to partner on its presentation.