APAP|NYC 2018 Highlights

Thank you for joining us at APAP|NYC 2018 as we explored and discussed critical issues such as artistry, aesthetics, equity, support for the arts and our evolving industry. As artists and arts makers, we must embrace our role to engage in the constant and dynamic societal transformation that we are a part of by acknowledging it, reflecting it, discussing it, and leading it.  

APAP NYC 2018 Opening Plenary


APAP|NYC 2018 by the Numbers

  • Over 3,600 attendees
  • 29 countries and 49 U.S. states represented
  • 87 professional development sessions
  • 1,060 showcase performances
  • Almost 400 EXPO Hall booths

Plenary Videos

Each year our plenary speakers help us learn, connect and engage in discussions around pressing current cultural, artistic and professional issues. You can watch all of the plenary sessions and the Awards Ceremony for continued inspiration about future of the industry.

  • Opening Plenary: Trans.ACT: What is the Role and Responsibility of the Performing Arts in our World Today? The arts bring people together, illuminate shared values, educate, break through misconceptions and reveal truths about the world in which we live. As performing arts professionals, how can we - and do we - promote well-being in our communities locally, nationally and globally? This session features extraordinary artists who offer fresh perspectives on the political, moral and spiritual issues that define us.

  • Saturday Plenary: Transdisciplinary Impact. Exciting cross-sector partnerships are breaking new ground in both the arts and the world beyond. Discover exemplary arts/non-arts alignments that are defying expectations and reshaping both the way we think about performing arts and their impact in the world.

  • Sunday Plenary: Transforming Your World: Artist as Activist Town Hall. Artists respond to, engage and shape the world around them. That’s what they do. Hear from visionaries who have embraced that role, stood up and advocated for issues of import, making art into action. Then engage in participatory Town Hall session on ways we can individually or collectively learn from these examples and others to forge a way forward. What’s needed to do so? What are risks and opportunities? How can we best stand as allies? What needs to happen before we stand as allies?

  • Annual Awards Ceremony and Luncheon. This special event honors achievement, service, excellence and advocacy in the performing arts field.

  • Closing Plenary with Bassem Youssef. Closing APAP|NYC 2018 is the brilliant comedian and commentator Bassem Youssef. Known as "the Jon Stewart of Egypt", Youssef was named one of Time Magazine's "100 most influential people in the world" and Foreign Policy magazine's "100 Leading Global Thinkers" in 2013, and won the Committee to Protect Journalists' International Press Freedom Award.

APAP|NYC 2018 Photos

APAP|NYC 2018 was a whirlwind of networking, professional development sessions, the always-bustling EXPO Hall and more than 1,000 showcases. We captured some of the highlights from conference in our photo archive. View it here.

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