APAP|NYC is the world's premier gathering of the performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry and the annual members conference of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. 

APAP|NYC+ 2021 took place January 8-12.
Save the date for APAP|NYC+ 2022 on January 14-18, 2022.

Access to conference content was available to registrants through February 28, 2021.
The conference platform is now closed.

APAP members can find conference resources and replays on the APAP website in the coming months.


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About APAP and APAP|NYC+

  1. Why attend the APAP|NYC+ 2021 conference?

    The performing arts field has been upended, so you may ask, "Why attend the APAP|NYC+ conference?" As we plan for 2021 and into the future, It is precisely because everything has turned upside down that we---performing arts professionals---need to come together as a community.

    APAP|NYC+ will give you up-to-the-minute information, state-of-the-field knowledge and the support you need, we will address the "Red Alert" issues of this moment, we will highlight innovation and offer inspiration, we will break down industry silos in search of solutions, we will build resilience---professionally, personally, and financially, we will shine a spotlight on the artists, we will fuel collaboration, and we will reset and restart in 2021.

  2. What is the APAP|NYC+ conference?

    The APAP|NYC conference is the world's premier gathering of the performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry and the annual members conference of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals.

  3. Will the conference be online? Will there be in-person elements?

    The APAP|NYC+ 2021 conference will be held entirely online.

  4. What platform will APAP use for APAP|NYC+?

    APAP is using CVENT as our registration platform and SwapCard as our conference platform.

  5. What are the dates of APAP|NYC+? Why is it over a weekend?

    The dates of APAP|NYC 2021 are January 8-12, 2021, the preconference runs from January 6-8, 2021, and there are a handful of events that will take place right after the anchor dates of the conference, such as the Annual Member Meeting. The dates are the same as our in-person event, which are dates we publicize years in advance. During these unusual times, we recognize that there is no perfect time for everyone, given the additional demands and pressures.

    The good news is that this conference will be the most flexible ever, without the constraints of how many nights you can afford to stay in New York or your inability to take in simultaneous showcases! You can pick and choose the activities in which you would like to participate, and most content will be available for replay on the conference platform through the end of January.

  6. What is APAP?

    The Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP) is the national service, membership and advocacy organization dedicated to developing and supporting a robust performing arts presenting field and the professionals who work within it. Our 1,600 member organizations represent the nation's leading performing arts centers, municipal and university performance facilities, nonprofit performing arts centers, culturally specific organizations, foreign governments, as well as artist agencies, managers, touring companies, national consulting practices that serve the field and a growing membership of self-presenting artists and arts professionals not affiliated with an organization. As a leader in the field, APAP works to effect change through advocacy, professional development, resource sharing and civic engagement.

  7. Do I have to be an APAP member to attend APAP|NYC+?

    Yes. APAP|NYC+ is a members-only convening. However, now through June 2021, we are offering flexible membership options that make it easier than ever for you to join. If you are not yet a member and are an individual performing arts professional or self-represented artist, you can join and attend conference at a discounted rate during Early-Bird Registration. If you are new to APAP and a Small or Mid-Sized Presenting organization, we have a special membership offer available for you. Questions? Contact us at info@apap365.org.

  8. Who attends the APAP|NYC+ conference?

    In a normal year, more than 3,600 members of the performing arts field from 49 U.S. states and more than 29 countries attend the in-person conference. This includes presenting organizations, artists, agents, managers, vendors, consultants and more!

  9. What about networking? What does that look like?

    All conference registrants will have access to these features:

    • Connection requests/Private Messages: Attendees can request connections and can chat with each other, and send messages, pictures and links.
    • "People you should meet"/Matchmaking: The platform suggests the best people to meet based on mutual areas of interest.
    • Meeting requests: Attendees can send requests for 1-to-1 video calls and can travel around the platform together to sessions.
    • Attendee search: Attendees can find the right people by applying filters.
    • Export the contact list: Attendees can export all their new contacts into an Excel sheet onto their mobile phone.

  10. I’ve never attended the conference and don’t know where to start. What should I do?

    • First, identify your goals for the conference. 
    • Next, look at the conference schedule and plan which sessions, activities and events you will attend. And, make sure to leave time to visit the Virtual EXPO Hall and attend showcases that interest you.
    • If you are an artist, agent, manager, consultant or vendor, consider these additional ways to engage.
    • Attend one of our first-timer webinars designed for new members.
    • Questions? Contact us at apapnyc@apap365.org.

  11. How can I get bookings for myself or my artists?

    While there are many available opportunities to APAP members and registered attendees, consider these exhibiting, pitching and showcasing options to meet presenters and to showcase work.

  12. I am an independent artist or artist company without an agent or manager. Can I use my showcase as an opportunity to try to get the attention of an agent or manager?

    You should NOT use APAP|NYC+ as an opportunity to get the attention of an agent or manager. Agents, managers and producers have heavily scheduled days of meetings with presenters to book their existing artists. If you have chosen to showcase at APAP|NYC and have researched appropriate agencies, management companies or producers for your work, invite them to attend the showcase and follow up after the conference.

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  1. How do I register for the APAP|NYC+ conference?

    • First, make sure you are a member of APAP and that your membership is current. You can renew your membership here. If you are not yet a member, you can learn more about membership here.

    • Next, you can register for the conference here.

  2. How much does it cost to register for APAP|NYC+?

    For the APAP|NYC+ 2021 conference, the registration rates are based on when you register for conference. You can register for the Early Bird Registration price of $150 until December 18, 2020. The registration rate after that time increases to $199. We also have special rates for independent performing arts professionals and self-represented artists who join APAP during Early-Bird Registration, and we also offer group rates, ideal for groups of 5-10 from the same organization.

    Of course, you must be an APAP member to attend conference. However, during this difficult time, APAP is making membership dues as flexible as possible. 

  3. But, how much does it really cost to attend APAP|NYC+?

    The good news about hosting an online convening is that it increases access to a greater number of participants from around the world, and it reduces the overhead cost of an in-person event. Otherwise, your costs are based on the activities in which you plan to participate, such as professional development intensives, the Virtual EXPO Hall, Pitch Sessions, and Showcasing.

  4. What does my registration include?

    Your registration includes access to all sessions, networking activities visiting the Virtual EXPO Hall, and attending showcases. Your registration also gives you on-demand access to replaying content post-conference. All members other than Artist Access and Student members are eligible to register as an Exhibitor and reserve an EXPO Hall booth. All registrants other than Student member registrants can purchase a showcase listing in order for attendees to be able to access your showcase.

  5. If I want to exhibit in the Virtual EXPO Hall or showcase a performance, do I need to register first?

    Regardless of whether you are exhibiting or showcasing, everyone who participates in the conference must first purchase a registration. If you plan to exhibit, you will need to add a booth during your registration process, once booth sales open. If you plan to showcase, you will add your showcase listings during your registration process, once showcase listings sales open. Artist access members and student members are not eligible to purchase EXPO Hall booths. Artist Access members, however, are eligible to purchase showcase listings. If you have already registered you can modify your registration to add a booth or showcase listing.

  6. What are the additional fees for exhibiting or showcasing?

    In addition to your registration, a regular booth in the Virtual EXPO Hall costs $100. A premium booth costs $275. The only difference between the regular and premium booth is that the premium booth includes a 10-minute Pitch Session, which is a pre-recorded pitch with a live Q&A. Purchasing a booth also gives you access to $50 booth badges for your staff and artists. (This rate has been decreased from the previously announced rate for booth badges.)

    Showcase listings are $10/each.

    Be sure to "Do the APAP|NYC+ Math". Here are two examples.

  7. What if I want to become a sponsor of APAP|NYC+? How much does that cost?

    Sponsorship offerings range from $750-$7500, starting with our participating sponsorship. Sponsorship packages are customizable. For more information, contact our Advertising and Sponsorship Sales Manager Kristen Cooper at kcooper@apap365.org.

  8. Do I have to register online?

    Yes. You must register online using your own unique username and password. APAP does not accept any sort of paper registration form. If you are registering an individual other than yourself, you must log in and register using their username and password. Need help remembering a username or password? Get step-by-step sign-in help here.

  9. How do I pay for my registration?

    The easiest and most cost-effective way to pay is by credit card. A processing fee of $25 applies if paying by check or purchase order. Payment in full is required.

  10. What are the registration cancellation policies?

    You can find our cancellation policies here

  11. Are there registration discounts available?

    The easiest way to take advantage of APAP|NYC+ discounts is to register early. Review APAP|NYC+ registration rates and dates for the best savings! If you are new to APAP and an independent artist or independent performing arts professional, we have a special introductory offer available if you register by the Early-Bird Registration deadline (December 18, 2020). A Group Registration rate is available for groups of up to 10 attendees from the same organization. Full-time students can also register for a discounted rate. View registration rates here.

  12. Does APAP offer scholarships or financial assistance to attend?

    Yes, we have a Participation Assistance Fund and the Conference Registration Relief Fund. The deadline to apply for either fund is Friday, December 18, 2020. You can also donate to the Participation Assistance Fund here.

  13. I’m not registered for the conference. Are there other ways to participate in APAP|NYC+?

    If you aren’t ready to attend the main event, but want to learn more, you can attend our pre-conference on January 6-8, 2021. Many pre-conference sessions are free and open to the public, as are most Affinity Group and Special Interest Group meetings and select Plenary Sessions, although pre-registration is required. 

Virtual EXPO Hall

  1. What is the Virtual EXPO Hall?

    The APAP|NYC+ Virtual EXPO Hall is the global engagement hub for touring artists and companies, artist representatives, booking agencies, presenting groups, consultants and vendors. In the online environment, your "booth" is a page in the Virtual EXPO Hall of our conference platform where you can share information about your artists, products and creative services and capture leads based on who visits your booth. 

  2. When will the Virtual EXPO Hall be open and what are accessible hours?

    In the online environment, the Virtual EXPO Hall is an enhanced listing, and therefore, it is accessible "all day", which means attendees can visit your booth at any time and learn about your artists, but it is not required that you staff your booth all day. There are limited dedicated EXPO Hall hours each day that provide attendees time to experience the EXPO Hall while there is no scheduled programming. Exhibitors are not required to staff their booths, but instead can engage with other attendees at their convenience. All booth information will be available throughout the conference and will be viewable on the conference platform through January 30, 2021. 

  3. How do I purchase a booth?

    To exhibit in this online environment, you must first purchase one full registration. And then once we have opened the Virtual EXPO Hall process, you can purchase your virtual "booth space" by modifying your registration. Artist Access members and Individual Performing Arts Professionals are eligible to purchase a booth. Student members are not eligible to purchase a booth. Booths are now available to add to an existing registration or to purchase when you first register.

  4. How much will my booth cost?

    At the APAP|NYC+ 2021 conference, there are two different options for purchasing booths:  $100 for a Standard Virtual EXPO Hall Booth (includes landing page) and $275 for a Premium EXPO Hall Booth (includes landing page and Pitch Session). Learn more about exhibiting here.

  5. Who can purchase a Virtual EXPO Hall booth?

    Any full registrant of APAP|NYC+ 2021 can purchase a booth, including Artist Access members and Individual Performing Arts Professionals. Student members are not eligible to purchase a booth.

  6. What does a Virtual EXPO Hall booth include?

    Every booth includes the following features:

    • A video banner: The video can be live or pre-recorded.
    • Company details, information and social media accounts.
    • Meetings: Attendees can request meetings and video calls with the exhibitor page or directly with an exhibitor member.
    • Products: The exhibitor profile can feature their products and services.
    • Sessions: Exhibitors sponsoring or speaking in a session will have the sessions attached to their profile.
    • Documents: Exhibitors can add documents and links to their profile.
    • Team members: Attendees can see and contact the team members of each exhibitor company.
    • Access to purchase booth badges at $50/each for your team. (This rate has been decreased from the previously announced rate for booth badges.)

    The Premium Booth has all of the above features, plus it includes a 10-minute Pitch Session. To purchase any booth, you will need to purchase one full conference registration first.

  7. What does a booth in the Virtual EXPO Hall look like? What can I do there?

    Want to get an idea of what your booth will look like? View this demo video from Swapcard. You can also view the replay of our Exhibitor Preview webinar in the Preview Webinar and Demo section of this page. 

  8. How do I purchase booth badges?

    Once you purchase your booth, you will have access to purchase booth badges for members of your organization for $50 each. (This rate has been decreased from the previously announced rate for booth badges.) Booth badges purchase instructions will be sent to exhibitors within one business day of booth purchase. 

  9. Who may use a booth badge?

    Only staff or the artists you represent are allowed to be given access to the conference via a booth badge.

  10. How many booths can I buy?

    In the Virtual EXPO Hall, you may buy one booth per organization.

  11. Is there a limit on the number of Premium Booths (each which includes one pitch session) that will be available? How will registrants access the Pitch Sessions?

    There will not be a limit on the number of Premium Booths available. While an exhibitor can only purchase one booth (and therefore, one Pitch Session), the number of pitch sessions will be determined by the demand for Premium Booths. Pitch Sessions will run concurrently during designated "Pitch Session" hours, and all Pitch Session replays will be available for all conference registrants to view through January 30, 2021.

  12. How will booths be organized?

    Booths will be organized alphabetically in the Virtual EXPO Hall under the "Exhibitor" section of the online conference platform and all information will be viewable through January 30, 2021. If you become a sponsor, your booth will also be listed under the "Sponsor" section.

  13. May I share my booth with another registrant?

    No. APAP has a strict no booth sharing policy. Only one company per booth is allowed.

  14. What can I put in my virtual booth?

    You may include marketing collateral in your booth by posting PDF files and along with links to your website and social media.

  15. How will attendees know I’m exhibiting and how will they find me?

    All exhibitors are listed on the online platform, attendees can find exhibitors listed alphabetically or by using the search tool.

  16. How can I capture leads at my booth?

    The conference platform captures leads for anyone who visits your booth. APAP will provide a report of these leads after the conference.

  17. What other advertising or promotional opportunities are available to exhibitors?

    There are a number of ways to increase your visibility through sponsorship and advertising. View all opportunities here.

  18. Can I track who visits my booth?

    Yes, exhibitors can track visitors to their booth through the online platform. This is automatically included when you purchase a virtual booth.

  19. If I'm not able to exhibit at the 2021 conference, will I lose my booth tier status for the 2022 conference?

    No, you will not lose your tier status based on your 2021 conference participation. Regardless of your ability to participate in the 2021 conference, your booth tier status for the 2022 conference will be based on your tier status following the 2020 conference. However, if you do exhibit in 2021, this year will count towards your booth tier status in 2022.


  1. What are showcases at APAP|NYC+?

    Showcases are a top reason for presenting professionals to attend APAP|NYC+, and the online environment provides new opportunities for showcasing. Showcases at APAP|NYC+ are independently produced and provide artists, agents and managers the ability to highlight their work to a wide audience of influencers and decision-makers in the performing arts. Online showcases can take place at any time of day, can be streamed as live performance or streamed as pre-recorded material with live chat. The more interactive for attendees the better! Online showcases also allow you to offer a replay for on-demand viewing after your showcase happens.

  2. How do I attend a showcase?

    All showcases will be accessed through the online conference platform. Unless otherwise noted, all showcases are free to APAP|NYC+ registrants.

  3. Why showcase at APAP|NYC+?

    In an online environment, you have the potential of reaching a wide and diverse audience of presenting organizations, potential collaborators, agents, and performing arts professionals from around the world. You can engage with APAP|NYC+ attendees through your showcase.

  4. How do I showcase at APAP|NYC+?

    To showcase at APAP|NYC+, you need to register for the conference and purchase a showcase listing (or listings). Listings are $10 per listing and run once, but can be replayed on-demand when you provide a replay link. At APAP|NYC+, showcases can be streamed as a live performance or streamed as prerecorded material with live chat. The more interactive for attendees the better! As independently-produced events, you are responsible for the production and logistics around your showcase including selecting the platform of your choice on which to host the showcase. Depending on your experience with livestreaming and the complexity of the showcase production, this may take weeks to prepare or only a few days. APAP does not produce, curate or jury any of the showcases; they all are independently produced by APAP members.

  5. How will independent showcases work and how can I prepare?

    Showcase listings will be included in the conference platform as part of a showcase schedule and allow showcasers to livestream their showcase on the streaming platform of their choice. Showcase listings are $10/each and are now on sale.

    Plan your showcases now and get ready to buy your showcase listings by considering:

    • When you will showcase.
    • Which artists will be involved.
    • Which platform you will use. Like the in-person conference, you are solely responsible for the performance logistics and any licensing required. Don't already have a platform? Visit our livestreaming resource page.
    • Whether you will stream a live event or pre-recorded content.
    • If you will engage your audiences in live chat.

  6. As a first-time attendee should I consider producing a showcase?

    In a normal year when we would have an in-person conference, we usually suggest that you come to APAP|NYC+ as a regular attendee your first time to understand and experience all aspects of the conference before you invest the money, time, and effort to produce and promote a showcase. However, in the online environment, the lower cost of participating may make the opportunity to showcase more accessible to you.

  7. What factors should I take into consideration before deciding to produce a showcase?

    There are many factors to take into consideration before choosing to produce a showcase. We suggest you ensure your work shows a high degree of artistic integrity, is performance-ready and that you can cover any costs related producing a quality showcase.

  8. What expenses do I need to consider in planning for a showcase?

    Just a few of the expenses to consider is the cost of your full registration and the cost of the showcase listing itself. Other costs such as livestreaming platform, space rental, equipment rental, etc. are outside of the purview of APAP.

  9. What artists may appear in showcases?

    Any artist can appear in a showcase. However, only artists who are APAP|NYC+ registrants or who are formally affiliated with an APAP member who is registered for APAP|NYC may purchase an official showcase listing.

  10. On which day should I plan to livestream my showcase?

    In an online environment, you can schedule your showcases at any time from January 6-15, 2021! If you provide a replay link after your showcase happens, your showcase will be available on the conference platform throughout the month of January.

    Independent showcasers are free to present showcases at any time of the day.

  11. How long should my showcase be?

    There is no single answer to this question, but it is strongly recommended showcases last no longer than an hour or one set. The length of your showcase should be made clear in all your promotions, and it's very important to start your showcase on time.

  12. How can I promote my showcase before and during APAP|NYC+?

    It's very important to do your research before promoting your showcases to a presenter. Make sure your emails and phone calls are targeted to presenters who are a strong venue and programmatic match. Utilize social media and if you are an exhibitor, promote your showcase at your booth. You can increase your visibility by purchasing a showcase listing and through sponsorship and advertising.

  13. Why should I purchase a showcase listing?

    Purchasing a showcase listing makes your showcase a part of the APAP|NYC+ independent showcases. Showcase listings are shown as part of the official conference schedule and are easily accessible through the online conference platform. The platform (Swapcard) is where the entire conference happens!

  14. What does a Showcase Listing include?

    Your showcase listing is an event page, where you can provide:

    • a header image
    • your showcase title
    • description (Here in addition to a description, you can include artist websites and contact information here. This field supports text and hyperlinks. FYI, there is no strict character limit in the description field this year.)
    • date/time
    • disciplines/genres
    • livestreaming URL
    • replay URL

    • You will provide all of this information on the form we will provide within two days of your purchasing your Showcase Listing(s).


  15. If I do a livestreamed showcase, am I responsible for recording it?

    Yes. As you will stream it on the livestreaming platform of your choice, you will need to record the stream on that platform and post your replay where you would like viewers to see it. Some livestreaming platforms automatically record a livestream, so be sure to understand the platform you are using.

  16. I won't have a replay link when I submit my showcase listing, what can I do?

    In case you don't have a replay link when you submit your showcase, what you can do is provide a link to somewhere you will post your replay like your website, a YouTube channel or playlist, or your Facebook page. On some livestreaming platforms, the replay link may be the same as the original livestream.

  17. At the in-person conference, I used to showcase inside the New York Hilton Midtown. Are there any options like that available in the online environment?

    Whether in-person or online, all showcases at APAP|NYC+ are independently produced showcases, where all logistics are managed by APAP member attendees, including the venue or platform. In both environments, you become an official showcase by purchasing a showcase listing which adds your showcase information and links directly onto the Showcase Schedule on the conference platform.

    Some may be interested in sponsoring a VIP Hospitality Suite, which allows you one hour to host a reception, an artist talk, a showcase, or any other event directly on the conference platform as well as be listed under the Sponsors tab. For more information, contact our Advertising and Sales Manager Kristen Cooper at kcooper@apap365.org.

  18. How can I track who attends my showcase?

    The conference platform captures leads for anyone who visits your showcase listing. APAP will provide a report of these leads after the conference.

  19. Do I have to be an exhibitor in the Virtual EXPO Hall to produce a showcase?

    No, you do not need to be an exhibitor to produce a showcase. You do, however, need to register for conference to host a showcase and purchase Showcase Listings.

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The Swapcard Platform

  1. What is the Swapcard Platform?

    The Swapcard platform is the online site where all of the conference activities happen, starting January 6, 2021. Approximately one hour after you have registered for the conference, you will receive a link from Swapcard to access the platform where you can set up your profile, explore the platform and start planning your customizable schedule. On the platform, you will find the conference schedule/Agenda, exhibitors, showcases, pitch sessions, attendees and more.

  2. I can't see myself on the Attendee list. Is something broken?

    No. It is totally normal for you NOT to see yourself on the attendee list as this is a list of people with whom YOU can connect.

  3. Does Swapcard work on all browsers? Can I use it on my phone?

    Swapcard works on MOST browsers. However, it does not work well with Internet Explorer, so you'll want to use something else. Swapcard IS mobile-optimized, so you can look at it on your phone or tablet. However, the best experience will be on a desktop or laptop. While there is no APAP|NYC-specific app, if you have used the Swapcard app with other events, you may also be able to access APAP|NYC through the Swapcard app.

  4. Does Swapcard adjust itself to my time zone?

    The short answer is YES! When you view any of the schedules, such as the Agenda or the Showcases, you can set the time zone to match where you are. Swapcard may even do that for you!

  5. I see that other attendees can request to meet with me at specific times. How can I set my profile so that it only shows times when I'm available?

    If you go under "My Event", you can select "My Meetings". There you can indicate the days and times when you are available or unavailable. Time-saving tip: While the default view is to show that you are always available, you can batch update to all unavailable and then select the times you are available.

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APAP|NYC+ Policies

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APAP|NYC+ Preview Webinars and Demos

APAP|NYC+ Platform Orientation Webinar

This webinar provides a more in-depth look at everything it has to offer. You’ll learn: How to build your personalized conference agenda, including adding Affinity Groups, Forums and Sessions, All of the ways you can connect and network with fellow attendees, How to engage with exhibitors, and How to search showcase listings.


APAP|NYC+ Attendee Preview Webinar

As we look forward to the first-ever APAP|NYC+ virtual conference, you probably have questions. We have answers!

In this preview webinar we provide an overview of the APAP|NYC+ virtual conference platform, Swapcard, to help you know what to expect and help ensure that you achieve your goals for the first APAP|NYC+ virtual conference. We also review the conference schedule and the latest programming updates.


APAP|NYC+ Showcase Preview Webinar

Have questions or want a sneak peek at what a Showcase Listing will look like? Join us for an APAP|NYC+ Showcasing Preview webinar.


APAP|NYC+ Exhibitor Preview Webinar

The exhibitor experience at APAP|NYC+ will be different from the in-person EXPO Hall, but will provide many of the same benefits you’ve come to expect.

This webinar will help you prepare for the APAP|NYC+ exhibitor experience by reviewing the Swapcard platform, best practices for connecting with attendees and how to get the most out of your booth purchase.


APAP|NYC+ Swapcard Demo for Exhibitors

Want to get an idea of what your booth will look like? View the demo video below from Swapcard.


Swapcard Attendee Experience In-depth Overview

Discover Swapcard attendee experience on virtual events.


Swapcard Overview on How to Network with Other Attendees

Discover all the networking features on Swapcard as an attendee.

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