APAP|NYC is the world's premier gathering of the performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry and the annual members conference of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. 

APAP|NYC+ 2021 took place January 8-12.
Save the date for APAP|NYC+ 2022 on January 14-18, 2022.

Access to conference content was available to registrants through February 28, 2021.
The conference platform is now closed.

APAP members can find conference resources and replays on the APAP website in the coming months.

APAP|NYC+ EXPO Hall, Pitch Sessions and Showcases

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APAPNYC 2020 Showcase: Taimane at Sony Hall by Adam Kissick/APAP

While we're far from "business as usual" right now, APAP|NYC+ offers many opportunities for artist, agents, managers, consultants and vendors to engage with the larger performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry. 

Whether you exhibit, pitch, showcase, or just attend the conference, we want you here!

APAP|NYC+ Virtual EXPO Hall

Quick Links: EXPO FAQs | EXPO Policies | Exhibitor Best Practices and Support

The APAP|NYC+ Virtual EXPO Hall is the global engagement hub for touring artists and companies, artist representatives, booking agencies, presenting groups, consultants and vendors. In the online environment, your "booth" is a page in the Virtual EXPO Hall of our conference platform where you can share information about your artists, products and creative services and capture leads based on who visits your booth. 

In the online environment, your "booth" is a landing page in the Virtual EXPO Hall of our conference platform where you can share information, capture leads, AND have live video chats in the Hall. Additionally, your booth will be available for all attendees to browse throughout January. 

This marketplace offers artists, managers, agents, producers and vendors an unparalleled opportunity to meet presenters, sponsors, partners and other professionals who collectively lead and fuel the presenting, booking and touring field worldwide. 

Every booth includes the following features:

  • A video banner: The video can be live or pre-recorded.
  • Company details, information and social media accounts.
  • Meetings: Attendees can request meetings and video calls with the exhibitor page or directly with an exhibitor member.
  • Products: The exhibitor profile can feature their products and services.
  • Sessions: Exhibitors sponsoring or speaking in a session will have the sessions attached to their profile.
  • Documents: Exhibitors can add documents and links to their profile.
  • Team members: Attendees can see and contact the team members of each exhibitor company.
  • Access to purchase booth badges at $50/each for your team. (This rate has been decreased from the previously announced rate for booth badges.)

EXPO Hall Rates:

  • $100 for a Standard Virtual EXPO Hall Booth (includes landing page with above features)
  • $275 for a Premium EXPO Hall Booth (includes landing page with above features and one 10-minute pre-recorded Pitch Session with Live Q&A) - The Pitch Session content deadline is December 31, 2020, so Premium Booth sales have closed.

All booths are listed on the conference platform and all associated information and recordings will be available to view through January 30, 2021. Exhibiting organizations are limited to one booth per organization.

You will need to register for the conference before you can purchase an EXPO Hall Booth as an "add-on" through conference registration. Although one full registration is required, exhibitors can purchase additional "booth badges" for $50/each for your staff. (This rate has been decreased from the previously announced rate for booth badges.) EXPO Hall Booths are now available to add to an existing registration or to purchase when you first register.

Any full registrant of APAP|NYC+ 2021 can purchase a booth, including Artist Access members and Individual Performing Arts Professionals. Student members are not eligible to purchase a booth.

Want to get an idea of what your booth will look like? View the demo video below from Swapcard. And be sure to watch the APAP|NYC+ Exhibitor Webinar Preview!

Read this helpful guide for best practices and support with the Swapcard platform.

APAP|NYC+ Exhibitor Preview Webinar

The exhibitor experience at APAP|NYC+ will be different from the in-person EXPO Hall, but will provide many of the same benefits you’ve come to expect.

This webinar will help you prepare for the APAP|NYC+ exhibitor experience by reviewing the Swapcard platform, best practices for connecting with attendees and how to get the most out of your booth purchase.


APAP|NYC+ Pitch Sessions

NEW this year! In addition to exhibiting and showcasing, we have added pitch sessions to our 2021 event! Not only a valuable opportunity for artists, agents, producers and managers to share work, Pitch Sessions are invaluable for dialogue with potential collaborators on how to navigate presenting the arts during these unprecedented times.

Exhibitors who purchase a Premium EXPO Hall booth will have the opportunity to participate in a dedicated pitch session. Pitch sessions will be prerecorded with a Live Q&A during which you can host a conversation with other conference attendees. They will run concurrently during dedicated Pitch Session times. Pitches will be available for replay on the APAP|NYC+ conference platform through January 30.

Student members are not eligible to host a pitch session as you must be an exhibitor to participate.

APAP|NYC+ Showcases

Quick Links: Showcase FAQs

In a normal year, with more than 1,000 performances happening in and around the conference, artist showcases are one of the top reasons professionals from around the world come to APAP|NYC! In an online environment, livestreaming showcases at APAP|NYC+ makes your performances and artists more accessible and global than ever!

Whether you are interested in attending showcases or producing them, you can purchase your showcase listings through conference registration and search showcase listings on the conference platform as the event approaches.

This year’s showcase listings will be directly integrated into the conference platform for maximum visibility and to allow showcasers to livestream showcases on the streaming platform of their choice at the time of their choosing. Listings are $10/each and can be added to your existing registration or purchased when you first register.

Your showcase listing is an event page, where you can provide: 

  • A header image
  • Your showcase title
  • Description (FYI, there is no strict character limit in the description field this year.)
  • Date/Time
  • Disciplines/Genres
  • Livestreaming URL
  • Replay URL
  • Contact Information

You will provide all of this information on the form we will provide within one day of your purchasing your Showcase Listing(s).

NOTE: You must be registered for conference to purchase a showcase listing and must be a registered conference attendee to search the listings. You do not need to be an exhibitor to purchase listings.

Students are not eligible to showcase. Artist Access members and Individual Performing Arts Professional members (and all other full members) are eligible to showcase.

The final deadline to submit your Showcase Listing information is Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. (EST). Please allow one day between when you purchase your listings and when you will get your Showcase Listing form.

Most importantly, all listings should be purchased by Jan. 4 at 5:00 p.m. (EST) and information received no later than the final deadline, Jan. 5 at 5:00 p.m.(EST).

APAP|NYC+ Showcase Preview Webinar

Have questions or want a sneak peek at what a Showcase Listing will look like? Join us for an APAP|NYC+ Showcasing Preview webinar.


APAP|NYC+ Sponsorship and Advertising

Want to raise the visibility of your organization, your artists, or your showcases? There is no better way to capture the attention of the performing arts industry than by advertising through APAP communications or sponsoring an APAP event! Contact Kristen Cooper, Advertising and Sponsorship Sales Manager, at kcooper@apap365.org to learn more.

When you advertise or sponsor with APAP, you:

  • Demonstrate your industry leadership
  • Support the performing arts field
  • Engage with performing arts professionals from around the world
  • Build brand awareness and bolster your marketing efforts

Learn more about sponsorship and advertising

Have questions about APAP|NYC+? We’re here to help! Contact us at apapnyc@apap365.org.