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This is the time for recovery and renewal. At APAP, we are working hard to help the field build back stronger and prepare for a more sustainable, collective future where we all thrive.

"We are all in this together and the time is upon us:
We can empower ourselves and communities by focusing on the healing power of the arts." 

- A respondent to APAP's survey on the impact of the pandemic on the performing arts

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Beyond the darkness of the last year, it is bright. Our creativity, inventiveness and relentlessness affirm that the performing arts are essential and that APAP is an important driver to sustaining our ecosystem.

We at APAP are committed to doing our part in helping to carry the field forward. To do so, we invite our supporters to stand with us and with you. THIS is our moment. 


Why Now?

Since March 2020, 99% of live performing arts presenters or producers have cancelled events, resulting in massive revenue losses across the field, according to an Americans for the Arts report. Sixty-three percent of arts professionals have lost jobs entirely, and 95% report a loss of income. Those still working do so with decreased capacity and diminished compensation, all while attempting to pivot to livestreaming, digital delivery of the arts, and new business models. Artists, gig workers, and talent agencies are nearly entirely dependent on events for their livelihoods. 

While in 2021, the performing arts field prepares to reopen and is staging a comeback, we need your support.

"We are totally reinventing what we do and how we do it.
We need help from those outside the arts."

"The nation is at risk of losing its creative professionals if they are not valued…
It is time for the country to support American artists."

- Respondents to APAP's survey on the impact of the pandemic on the performing arts

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APAP has played a central role in advancing and strengthening the performing arts industry and in building the careers and networks of professionals by creating community and by championing artists and the power of the performing arts.

The landscape of the live arts has changed. And with that, APAP's role has changed. 

Not just an annual conference, APAP is living more fully in our service mission than ever before, providing timely resources, information, connection and guidance year-round.. As the arc of this recovery is long, we are here for the long haul for our members and for the field. But we need your support.

By donating to APAP, you help the performing arts adapt to a changing landscape and meet the future. By donating to APAP, YOU can make an impact!

Why the Arts and APAP are Essential

In the video below, the 2021 APAP Award nominees reflect on why the performing arts and APAP are important at this time and worthy of your support.

"Great art and ideas will arise from the many challenges we are collectively facing, if we work together to survive and stay the course for the benefit of our youth, for the benefit of us all."

- A respondent to APAP's survey on the impact of the pandemic on the performing arts

How to Donate

"If organizations are losing money, how can we individuals help?
How can we can sustain our field?"

- A respondent to APAP's survey on the impact of the pandemic on the performing arts

The most immediate way to donate APAP and help us "Carry The Field Forward" is by contributing a gift of any size to APAP as part of the first phase of our fundraising for 2021.

Since the pandemic began, we have raised $600,000 in additional support---funds that have underwritten subsidized conference fees, no barriers membership dues over the past year, and our capacity to serve the performing arts field.

Our goal is to raise an additional $56,000 by June 30, 2021. Your contribution helps us meet this milestone.

Donate Now

Did you know that you can make a stock gift to APAP or name APAP in your will?
Contact Krista Bradley, Director of Programs and Resources, at for more information.