Board of Directors

The APAP board or directors are APAP members who work on behalf of members of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. The APAP board envisions the future of the association and the development of long-range goals and strategic priorities.


Board Members

APAP’s board aims to reflect a range of perspectives based on a diverse set of expertise, experiences, region, function, sectors and cultures. The current members of the board are:

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

Board members are accountable for understanding, accepting and interpreting the philosophy and purpose of APAP to its members and other important constituencies. Board members are responsible for ensuring and maintaining an understanding of demographic, cultural, social, and economic trends nationally and internationally and their implications for APAP and the members. All board members will exhibit demonstrated expertise with cultural diversity as it relates to leadership development, programming and audience development.

In carrying out its major responsibilities, the board of directors functions in the major areas of: policy making; fiduciary stewardship of the organization, its mission and its members; helping to secure the organization’s future by active engagement in fundraising; providing strategic leadership to oversee implementation of approved strategic direction and policies determined by the full board and carried out by staff; and acting as an enthusiastic ambassador on behalf of the organization to its membership and the larger community.

Election and Terms of the Board of Directors

Following a call for nominations from the membership, directors are elected for three year terms with option for election for up to two consecutive terms. Board members may serve a maximum of six consecutive years unless serving as an officer; in which case, an individual may serve up to nine years or three consecutive terms.