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International Travel and Cultural Exchange


​Makan Traditional Southern Egyptian folk music performance in Cairo, Egypt
Photo by Amir ElSaffar, Alwan for the Arts, CEF Awardee, 2012.

Resources and Information

Check out these tools and services for presenting professionals to expand and deepen their knowledge of artists, traditions and cultures from around the world:

Digital Travel Diaries (scroll down to search the diaries!)  Cultural Exchange Fund awardees detail their international experiences and share photos, videos and key trip information. APAP m​embers can search their Digital Travel Diaries to learn where other presenters have traveled and gain insights into successful international exchanges and other performing arts events abroad.

International Festival Guide  Do you want to attend an international festival but don’t know where to start? Browse the APAP International Festival Guide sorted by region or month​.

Cultural Exchange Fund​  APAP's travel subsidy program funded by the Mellon Foundation to support the opportunity for U.S.-based APAP members to travel abroad, build their international networks and experience artistic work live around the world.

US Artists International  Funds for artist travel from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.

Visa Support​ – Technical support and visa consultation letters from APAP. – Step-by-step visa and tax guidance for international artists coming to perform in the U.S.

Digital Travel Diaries

​In the Digital Travel Diaries searchable database, you can find out more about where APAP members and Cultural Exchange Fund awardees have traveled to and the discoveries and partnerships made while abroad. See photos and videos, and read their insightful trip information.