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Community Engagement Toolkit 

In 2013, the Leadership Development Institute Class of 2012 developed an interactive toolkit, Building Meaningful Relationships In Your Community. It details five significant proven steps that presenters can take to deepen their relationships with community. These steps were practiced and refined by the 2012 LDI cohort and reflect many of the challenges and issues presenters across the country face. In 2014, this toolkit was updated in order to integrate 10 case studies of the 2012/2013 All-In grantees.

The outcome of this work reflects the following belief: “Unless our arts organizations continually evaluate our missions and evolve our programming to reflect the communities in which we serve, we run the risk of becoming irrelevant and impotent as a force for social and cultural change.”  

Access the community engagement toolkit. 

5 Steps

  1. Making the Case – Why is it important to know and connect with community? 
  2. Building an Organizational Culture – Why is it important to integrate community engagement into a presenter’s mission/strategic plan? 
  3. Connecting with Your Community – How should geographic, socioeconomic and political realities of the community inform an organization’s approach? 
  4. Involving Artists – How should artists – who are key stakeholders in the arts ecology – be involved in connecting their work with communities? 
  5. Evaluating Impact – How can evaluation serve internal learning and enhanced community engagement?
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