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Past Seminars

Arts Partners

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Business of Presenting

The Business of Presenting helps to inform members and broaden the skills they draw on each day. Held in locations throughout the country, the Business of Presenting is a three-day intensive seminar dedicated to exploring each aspect of presenting performances.

Conversations With The Field (September 2009 - October 2006)

Arts Presenters is reinventing itself for you. We want to make your professional life more effective and rewarding by designing and delivering programs and services that better serve you. Thanks to those who participated in these convenings and helped shape Arts Presenter's future.

In September and October, we hosted a series of meetings, called Conversations with the Field. At each session, Members learned how the association is re-envisioning and re-engineering itself. Your insight helped decide how to focus the association by determining:

  • What opportunities and challenges do you face?;
  • How can we make your organization more sustainable?;
  • What do you need and want to work more effectively?;
  • How can our programs and services create more value for your time and money?; and
  • Can we better leverage the power of peer-learning within the membership?

Thanks again to all who shared their experiences, challenges and visions!

Ensemble Theater Program

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National Dance Presenters Leadership Forum at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

National Dance Presenters Leadership Forum at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival gathers together presenters from communities across the country to improve their curatorial and practical command of dance presenting. Participants immerse themselves in dance at Jacob's Pillow during a four-day forum, discussing the art of dance; examining curatorial issues, field-wide issues and participants' own communities; and connecting with colleagues. 

Winter Institute

Winter Institute is two-days of professional development seminars reflecting trends and offering advice and knowledge from the field's most esteemed professionals.