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Nonprofit Finance Fund: Financial Services & Support Webinar Series

Have you been planning to firm up your finance skills? Have you wondered about fundraising and implementing finance strategies to help pay for a facility? Or perhaps, you just want to be able to better read and interpret financial statements?

Now you can take advantage of our "on-demand" Financial Services and Support webinar series, hosted in collaboration with the Nonprofit Finance Fund. These pre-recorded sessions are available 24/7 and can be accessed at your convenience below. In addition to these webinar sessions, we will be holding national member-only teleconference calls on various financial topics this spring. We will be providing more information on these calls next month so you can plan ahead!

The Nonprofit Finance Fund provided individual consulting sessions around nonprofit finance during APAP|NYC 2011 and covered topics ranging from finance basics, optimizing the value of your financial reports to how to make good decisions to achieve and sustain the type of financial health every organization strives for. If you missed this dynamic session during our conference, you can still benefit from this webinar series available.

The first webinar below focuses on "Critical Elements of Nonprofit Financial Statements" and is designed to increase the comfort of nonprofit managers and board members in reading and interpreting nonprofit financial statements.

Please remember this is an exclusive member benefit, so you will need to be logged in to access the webinars.

The second session in this webinar series focuses on "Sound Financial Planning" for participants interested in securing concrete tools to lead their organization during challenging times and beyond.  

Access the first webinar:
Critical Elements of Nonprofit Financial Statements

Access the second webinar:
Sound Financial Planning: Tools for Managing Through a Downturn and Beyond