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APAP Student Program​

The APAP Student Program is an ongoing initiative to create meaningful professional development opportunities for current students and new members in the performing arts and arts management fields. With opportunities such as our student committee, webinars, and student-focused sessions at the APAP|NYC Conference, APAP seeks to educate the next generation of performing arts professionals, and demonstrate students' relevance to the field.

APAP|NYC 2016 volunteer orientation and new colleagues orientation by Adam Kissick/APAP

2015-2016 APAP Student Committee

Combining students, faculty and industry advisors, our student committee works to plan and carry out the initiatives imagined by the group. Our current 2015-2016 APAP Student Committee includes the following students:

  • Patricia Edwards, Ithaca College
  • AmyJo Foreman, American University
  • Yue Liu, Columbia University
  • Roberto Poveda, Brooklyn College
  • Taylor Rambo, University of Miami

  • We have an open call for student committee members in the summer of each year. If you have questions about the committee or about joining for the next year, please contact Megan Redmond at

    Student Webinars

    The student webinars are featured twice a year (Fall/Spring semesters) and focus on bringing student curated content to the field.

    Fall 2015 Webinar: Connecting the Non-Profit and For-Profit Worlds in Arts Management

    The Association of Performing Arts Presenters serves a breadth of organizations across the for- and non-profit divide. Despite clear differences in governance and responsibility, similarities abound between the structures and information sharing contributes to increased efficiency and effectiveness. Learn how your organization can benefit from the other in this webinar.

    You can view a recording by visiting our webinar archive page.

    APAP|NYC 2016 Student Sessions

    The 2016 conference included these sessions as part of APAP's unofficial student track:

    Students Present: What’s Brewing at Your Local Campus?

    Sunday, January 17, 3-5 p.m.

    Each year, thousands of students from around the country organize festivals, launch new after-school initiatives and create exciting ways to engage with the performing arts, all from the comfort of their dorms, classrooms and apartments. Visit this pitch session to see a select few present to you their passion project - learn how they fund it, how they built an audience and what learn about the kind of employees you will hire in the next few years.

    Want to present? Be on the lookout for application guidelines and deadlines soon!

    Making the Jump: Emerging Leaders’ Transition in the Field

    Friday, January 15, 1-1:50 p.m. AND Saturday, January 16, 2:30-3:30 p.m.

    You can hear it, can’t you? Pomp and Circumstance played by your university’s orchestra. The rustle of polyester graduation gowns as you and your classmates take your seats. The words of your commencement speaker, meant to inspire and send you out into the world with excitement and wide-eyed wonder. Some of you are excited. Some of you are fearful. The prospect of what is next can be a daunting one; but FEAR NOT! Thousands have gone before you and have made it. In this session, learn how to navigate the transition from university study to a careers in the arts management field with the help of alumni from APAP's Emerging Leadership Institute (ELI), a training program for arts leaders who are 3-7 years into their career.

    L to R: SAEM senior Jonathan Guest, 2015 SAEM graduate Clayton Stasenko and SAEM junior Jocelyn Hyrb with Tony award-winning actor and director Ben Vereen by Point Park University

    “Having the opportunity to not only meet and talk with professionals in the industry but also observe them in their working environments really solidified my career path in this field,” remarked Jocelyn Hyrb, a junior SAEM major.

    APAP|NYC Student Volunteers

    Every year, APAP is pleased to extend a special invitation to full-time students (undergraduate and graduate) interested in attending the APAP|NYC conference. Qualified students are asked to volunteer 20 hours in any combination of shifts before or during the five days of the conference. Volunteers have the opportunity to network, attend professional development sessions and more. To learn more about our Student Volunteer Program visit
     APAP|NYC 2016 volunteer, Jamie Shum, by Adam Kissick/APAP

    "I worked alongside over 100 student volunteers, some of them coming from Australia, China, and other countries worldwide just for this conference. The volunteers were a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students, and it was great to talk with a lot of them about their passion and interest in pursuing a career in performing arts administration. They were an absolute pleasure to work with, along with the APAP staff members!," said Shum in her blog post about her volunteering experience.