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Johann Zietsman

Board Member through January 2012

Johann ZietsmanMr. Johann F. Zietsman assumed the role as President & CEO of EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts in Calgary on December 1, 2009.

Mr. Zietsman brings with him a wealth of experience in all aspects of arts management, including advocacy, corporate governance, strategic and facility planning, as well as fund development. Previously he held the position of Executive Director of the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona.  He served as Chief Executive Officer of the International Society of Performing Arts (ISPA), a global network for leaders in the performing arts, from 2002-2007. Mr. Zietsman was Managing Director of VWV Events (Johannesburg, SA), Chief Executive Officer of The Playhouse Company (Durban, SA) and held various senior positions within a multitude of organizations in South Africa, his country of origin. Mr. Zietsman holds a Master of Music degree from Ithaca College and a Bachelors degree in Architecture from University Orange Free State in South Africa.